NABUNTURAN, Compostela Valley — The sleepy town of Nabunturan was stirred by a bomb explosion late Tuesday afternoon.

Upon reaching the town proper of Nabunturan, the driver of Bachelor Express Inc. (BEI), Benjamin Guson, received a phone call from the company’s yardman in Davao City, who told him that there is a bomb on his bus with plate number LWT-729 bound for Davao City from Butuan City.

“Gitawagan ko sa among yardman, niingon siya nga naa daw nakasakay nga naay dalang bomba, mangayo daw ko ug tabang sa pulis. (Our yardman informed me that there is a passenger carrying a bomb on the bus. The yardman instructed me to seek assistance from the police),” Guson told Davao Today.

The alleged bomber rode the bus at the intersection of Cuevas in Agusan province.

Guson said that right after getting the phone call, he remained calm and drove to the nearest police station in Nabunturan town.

The suspected bomber, according to Guson, alighted before the bus arrived at the police station.

Guson said the suspect left a plastic bag in the carriage box of the bus.

Members of the Nabunturan Police Station evacuated the passengers, placed a roadblock in front of the Municipal hall and put-up a detonation space, upon confirmation that the plastic bag contained an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

Minutes later. the bomb exploded through a remote detonator like a cellular phone.

The male suspect was described as in late forties, of about 5’2”-5’3” in height.

According to Police Chief Inspector Julius Borja, they are still inverstigating various angles about the bombing incident.(

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