Council proposes anti-bullying desk set up in barangays

Feb. 23, 2023

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – In the city council’s year-long work for an anti-bullying ordinance, comes a proposal that all 82 barangays need to have an anti-bullying desk to cater to issues of bullying in schools, workplaces, and other settings.

The proponent, third district councilor Lorenzo Villafuerte, made this proposal as an alternative to suggestions from other councilors for an anti-bullying office.

There is a concern raised by the council that the ordinance should look like there is a venue for victims of bullying to report their cases.

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Villafuerte said that such suggestion needs more deliberations with concerns for its budget.

“So we meet halfway, we suggest an anti-bullying desk. We have talked with Atty. Galeo of CSSWDO and she is willing to put up anti-bullying desk in all district halls here so there will be a venue to address cases in schools and workplaces,” Villafuerte explained.

The proposed Anti-Bullying ordinance in Davao City is currently in its second reading in the city council.

Villafuerte said one of the concerns of the council is why workplaces are included, which he explained is “highly needed” to address incidents against employees.

The councilor also made clarifications on the roles and functions of the City Anti-Bullying Council in his proposed ordinance.

“There are disagreements that the City Anti-Bullying Council may become useless if they will not hold meetings with regard to cases. We now agree that this will be purely a policy-making body,” he said.

Part of the function of the City Anti-Bullying Council is to summon the establishments doing nothing about a reported case of bullying in their respective places.

Villafuerte said his office is currently finalizing all additional provisions and will present the amendments in the next regular session. 

A survey by PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) showed that 65% of high school students, 15 years old and above, have experienced bullying in the school setting.” (

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