‘AFP Killed Civilian Then Blamed NPA’

Apr. 03, 2007

The National Democratic Front in Notheastern Mindanao issued today a press statement condemning the Philippine military for allegedly killing a civilian and then blaming the New People’s Army for it.

NDF-NEMR condemns the two instances of extra-judicial or political killings that happened within one day in the province of Agusan del Sur.

Last March 14, 2007, Garay, a businessman, was shot dead in his own home in Purok 4, Wasian, Rosario, Agusan del Sur. Garay was known to be an active member of the Party list Bayan Muna.

On the same day, March 14, fascist military agents shot and killed Cipriano Legaspo, married with 2 children, farmer, driver of a passenger motorcycle and small businessman who resides at Santa Monica, Bunawan Brook, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. He was shot in Sityo Masapya, Consuelo, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur while driving his motorcycle on his way to their sitio. He was shot by armed men wearing bonnets. More than 10 bullets of a caliber .45 hit the victim in various parts of his body.

NDF-NEMR also belies the blaming of the AFP of their own criminal act of killing Cipriano Legaspo to the NPA. Immediately after the crime was committed, the AFP called a community assembly in the sitio to declare the lie that the NPA killed the victim. This action is an attempt to sow fear amongst the residents to stifle their just struggle against the number one corrupt government in Asia whos also known for its record of human rights violations.

It is far from the truth that the NPA would punish a farmer that does not have sins against the people and the revolutionary movement. It should be known that Cipriano Legaspo was been arrested and investigated three times by the AFP and was accused of supporting the NPA.

Let us be reminded that the barrios of Consuelo and Bunawan Brook in Bunawan and Wasian, Rosario, Agusan del Sur is amongst the numerous barrios where military operations of the AFP are being launched under its Oplan Bantay Laya II. The more than 2 months of intense military operations within these areas have harassed and dislocated many peasants. Just recently, nine (9) farmers were forced to abandon their falcata logs when two MG520 attack helicopter shot its caliber .50 machineguns near them in Bunawan River. Numerous harassments like these have been done by the AFP.

The two killed by military agents has increased the list of more than 830 victims of political killings investigated by the United Nations and the Congress of the United States of America.
These shows that the current GMA regime is worse than the military rule of the dictator Marcos where more have been killed and violations of human rights are worse. This would worsen even more with the recent signing of GMA of the Anti-terrorism Law or Human Security Act.

Stop and punish the brains and those responsible for political killings!

Expose and stop the repressive anti-terrorism law or human security act!

Ka Maria Malaya

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