Report erring taxi drivers, LTO urges Davaoenos

Jul. 14, 2007

By Rose Palacio
Philippine Information Agency

DAVAO CITY — Following the adverse reports against taxi drivers as mentioned by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte in a city governments regular television program Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has warned taxi drivers to stop their modus operandi of using tampered, non-calibrated or fast-metered meters, including illegal acts of disembarkment of passengers, misconduct and misbehavior against women passengers.

If found using fast and non-calibrated meters, drivers can be penalized by law, LTO regional director Atty. Gomer Dy said.

Dili ta angay magbinuang sa mga pasahero (We should not fool our passengers), he said.

Every taxi driver should be honest, fair and courteous to any passenger particularly to foreign visitors to entice them in coming back, he added.

He urged the public to file their complaints directly to the LTO regional office for any misbehavior or misdeed of taxi drivers.

Filing a complaint is necessary for the LTO team to make necessary investigation. Our office cannot act on it if we dont have basis for our investigation, he said.

The complaint against fast taxi meters is reportedly being rampant. This practice is illegal and should be stopped.

Under the Department of Transportation and Communication Memorandum issued 93-693, any taxi driver caught using a tampered and fast meter will be fined including those public utility vehicle drivers who refuses to convey a passenger.

The Mayor, upon giving warning to all taxi drivers, added that every public utility vehicle driver should show outmost courtesy in dealing with passengers at all times, should behave and should follow rules and regulations of the city and transportation laws. (PIA XI Dispatch/rbpalacio)

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