DAVAO CITY – With security measures in place for the Kadayawan Festival, folks told Davao Today they were split between joining and staying home for the festivities.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said there will be 600 to 1,000 security forces deployed to secure the Kadayawan’s main events such as Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan on Saturday and the Pamulak Floral Parade on Sunday. The security forces include barangay tanods, Moro volunteers, police, military and intelligence personnel.

These moves have been assuring for the public, said Albert Santos, a freelancer. “Kampante ko na mag selebrar sa kadalanan sa maong okasyon. makita man sad naku nga naay mga aksyon og mga pagplano nga ginabuhat ang dakbayan og nagahatag pud og dakung pagtagad ang mga katawhan sa maong isyu (I’m comfortable enough to celebrate in the streets. We can see the city made some moves and plans that would assure the people).”

Lawyer Fatima Adin-Purisima said last year she took her eldest son to the streets during the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan “so he may be able to experience personally the festivities.” She would still go out this year with family and friends.

Kampante ko kay ang Davao secured misking wala big event or naa big event (I’m assured that Davao is secured, with big event or not),” declared Arnold James Bolodo, who said he spends Kadayawan hanging out with friends.

Gasalig jud ko sa atong mayor and I don’t think ipadayon niya ning Kadayawan na way assurance of strict security, Digong pa!!! (I trust our mayor, and I don’t think he would continue with the Kadayawan if he did not get the assurance of strict security),” said Armida Talaugon, a web developer.

Mutya ng Dabaw Guia Hidalgo also looks forward for the events, “Wala gud koy relevant na ginabuhat karong Kadayawan, mag-host lang kog Hiyas ng Kadayawan. Kampante man ko na mugawas and makig-celebrate. Witness ko sa kung unsa kamaayo ang security diri sa Davao (I have nothing relevant to do this Kadayawan, I would host the Hiyas ng Kadayawan. I feel safe to go out and celebrate. I witnessed how good the security is here in Davao,)” she said.

Mauro Carmona, who worked for an apparel business, said “compared to previous experience, enforcers are more courteous and less intimidating. Civilians are (also) aware of the current situation. It results to a more orderly presentation.”

Not all shared positive vibes for Kadayawan.

Nurjean Chaneco, administrative assistant for a government agency said she appreciates the efforts of Duterte but, “di ko pa rin maiwasan na matakot (I can’t help but feel scared) with the recent bombings).”

Web developer Midge Avergonzado said, “dili man sa wala koy salig kay mayor. Things could happen, especially sa mga nagakahitabo na bombings lately. Mas high ang threat on that day since daghang tao.(It’s not that I don’t trust the mayor. Things could happen, especially with the bombings lately. The threat would be high on that day since there are many people.)”

Janine Capila, a medical representative, said “we may never know basin naa makalusot na bomba (if there’s a bomb). It’s better to be safe.

Chaneco, Avergonzado and Capila said they would spend Kadayawan the usual way by staying at home and watching the festivities on TV.

Reymond Pepito, who works in Tagum, said he usually goes out with friends. He said that while there are “spoilers of peace,” he prays that all would be safe.

“I just pray and hope that the authorities will do their best to make Kadayawan 2013 safe.”

A jeepney driver plying the San Pedro-Ilustre route complained that he has lesser passengers this year compared to last year’s Kadayawan celebration.

Mingaw man karon. Mas daghan mag-activity didto sa mga malls tungod secured man sila diha. Di man makumpyansahan diri sa gawas basin naay mahitabo diha sa unahan (It’s quiet now. There are more activities in the malls because the people feel secured there. You can’t feel safe out here because something might happen),” he said. (Earl O. Condeza & Tyrone A. Velez/davaotoday.com)

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