Duterte urged to lobby for review of terror law

Jul. 06, 2007

DAVAO CITY — Bayan Muna today urged Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the presidential security adviser for regions 11 and 12, to lobby for a thorough review of the anti-terror Law or the Human Security Act, saying the mayors objectives in keeping peace and order” should be consistent with the protection of human rights and the upholding of democracy.

The authors of the Human Security Act had objectives that are not consistent with Duterte’s vision for law and order in Davao and Mindanao, said Jeppei Ramada, Bayan Muna’s coordinator for Southern Mindanao.

We plead that the mayor will heed the concerns of the church people, media, and the progressive groups who are the most susceptible targets of this anti-people imposition, Ramada said, referring to the alleged draconian provisions of the law, which will take effect this month.

Bayan Muna earlier urged members of the Davao City Council to join the protests against the implementation of the Human Security Act because, according to the group, “they are all bound to safeguard the fundamental rights of the people and their rights as government officials.”

Everyones safety is at stake under the Human Security Act, where expressions of dissent, assertion of rights, and a simple statement that opposes government can be subjects for suspicion and criminal accusations, Ramada said.

Our city councilors should share the same concerns we have for the peoples safety as they could someday become victims themselves,” Ramada added.

Ramada cited a provision in the Human Security Act that allows wiretapping of government officials, the media, especially the members of the progressive groups.

Even more dangerous is that the laws application are vague, irrational, and cannot be justified by any implementing rules and regulations of the National Security Council, Ramada added. (davaotoday.com)

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