National Democratic Front of the Philippines Chief Political Consultant Jose Maria Sison ( file photo)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte said he wanted Jose Maria Sison back to the Philippines.

“He can go home here and I will guarantee his safety and freedom,” President Duterte told the members of Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines (AFAD) on the occasion of their 25th Defense and Sporty Arms Show at the SMX Convention Center in SM Lanang here.

The President further assured Sison he could freely walk around once he is back in the Philippines.

“Sison is seriously sick,” Duterte said, adding that he will also pay for the hospitalization of Sison once he decides to go home.

Duterte also told the leaders of the communist movement, particularly the New People’s Army (NPA) that there will be no peace in the country unless they stop killing Filipino soldiers and police officers.

“Unless they really stop killing my soldiers and policemen there will be no peace in this land,” the President said.

He also reminded the NPAs that it was he who first offered ceasefire but the same was not seriously honored by the rebels.

“Binastos nila, binaboy nila,” the President pointed out, adding that the rebels then went on their attacks to soldiers and police officers even before the expiration period of the ceasefire was not yet effective.

“Ayaw pa nila aminin,” he added.

He also recalled how he used to go on hunting in the mountains when he was still the mayor of Davao City and posed no problems with the NPAs then.

“I even go for hunting alone and slept in his nipa hut,” he said.

The President admitted of the different situation now that he is already president of the country, “may mga irreconcilable differences na,” he said.

Peace negotiation between the government and the communist rebels was reopened when Duterte was elected president. (

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