Online petition seeks suspension of TV networks for airing anti-Duterte ad

May. 06, 2016

TAGUM CITY — An online petition has called on the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to suspend several television broadcasting networks for airing an advertisement against PDP-Laban Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte.

The petition at titled “Please suspend those TV Networks who aired Anti Duterte TV ads #GMA #ABSCBN #TV5  seeks to reach at least 5, 000 petitioners. As of Friday morning, more than 3,282 individuals have signed the petition. It was authored by a certain Jeff Alvarado.

“Few days more and it’s Election day in the Philippines. Front runner Rodrigo Duterte is being politically abused by the current government to hinder his victory in becoming the next President of the Philippines. The government itself used TV ads shown by all TV networks nationwide just to make Rodrigo look like a dictator so many will fear and not vote him,” the petition’s introductory message reads.

“They (government) even used children for this ad and for me this is a very unlawful act, an abuse of power and authority of the government. Why are they allowing this? Why does the media agreed on this dirty ads? For the sake of money? Where is the integrity? The principle of their company? This is not right. RIP to the Philippine Media.”

The anti-Duterte television ad aired Thursday evening in ABS-CBN drew flak from among netizens. The ad was reportedly paid for by Senator Antonio Trillanes, known for his stinging attacks against
Duterte. The ad shows children reacting to Duterte’s controversial statements.

Imee Else, one of the netizens who signed the online petition, said the children should be excluded from the filthy world of politics.

“I am a mother. I won’t allow my child to be dragged into the filthy world of politics to gain personal interest for black propaganda against other candidates. I should protect the welfare of my child. For God sake innocent children are excluded here.”

Another netizen, Joy Brown from United Kingdom, said that “this is wrong to use kids for political rivalry.”

On Thursday evening, broadcast giant ABS-CBN released a statement defending the airing of the TV ad, saying the network  was “duty bound to air a legitimate ad.”

“The controversial political advertisement being talked about in social media, which aired on ABS-CBN, was produced and paid for by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV. Prior to the airing, ABS-CBN’s ethics committee reviewed the content of the material, which complies with the requirements of pertinent election laws.”

“By airing the said commercial, ABS-CBN is being consistent with Comelec guidelines, which prohibit radio or television stations to discriminate in the sale of air time against any political party or candidate. We are duty bound to air a legitimate ad,” the company said.

Meanwhile, TV5 on Friday, denied airing the ad.

“TV5 Network would like to correct speculations that it was among the broadcast stations that aired the negative advertisement against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The particular political advertisment was not aired by TV5 because there were certain requirements that were not complied with,” TV5 said in its statement.

“The decision not to air is brought about due to this reason. TV5 does not, in any way, discriminate against or favor any political candidate or party,” it added. (

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