‘People’s Revolutionary Municipality’ formed

Dec. 27, 2013
RED BASE. Representatives of "revoluationary" organizations comprising a communist "revolutionary municipality" somewhere in Compostela Valley wave flags to signal the opening ceremony of their assembly. (davaotoday.com)

RED BASE. Representatives of “revoluationary” organizations comprising a communist “revolutionary municipality” somewhere in Compostela Valley wave flags to signal the opening ceremony of their assembly. (davaotoday.com)

Davao Today

SOMEWHERE IN COMPOSTELA VALLEY –Members of underground organizations found this year’s celebration of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) “more meaningful” with the founding of what they called ‘People’s Revolutionary Municipality’ in a guerilla base here.

“Kaning ika-45 na anibersaryo sa Partido kay nagahatag og kadasig sa amoa para makapadayon sa pagserbisyo og sakripisyo alang sa katawhan (This 45th year anniversary of the Communist Party encourages us even more to continue with our service and sacrifices for the people),” said Ka Tina, a peasant and a CPP member.

The CPP has declared in its 45th year anniversary statement that barrio and municipal revolutionary committees are being formed rapidly in many parts of the country.

Ka Tina cited gains in communal farming that were made possible because of their municipal revolutionary committee, while Ka Emaly, another CPP member, told Davao Today that “with their newly-founded people’s municipality, they will be able to create more projects for people’s economy and livelihood.”

She considered Thursday’s fete a sort of “thanksgiving” for the CPP because, “the Party helped us recover from the disaster brought about by Typhoon Pablo, and urged us to establish our own government because the Philippine government has failed to do its task of helping us.”

Ka Yasmin Guerra, a staff of the People’s Revolutionary Municipality said that “the Party celebration commends the efforts of the masses in Compostela Valley for persevering in rebuilding and rehabilitation after Typhoon Pablo and now, founding its own government.”

Guerra pointed out that “because the government of the Philippines neglected in giving the much-needed social services for its people, the Party has led in establishing a people’s democratic government to address the needs of the majority.”

Thursday’s festivities started with a flag-raising ceremony and singing of Internationale, the communist anthem, at seven in the morning. Two hours later, three couples were prepped up for an “interview” and were wed in a ceremony officiated by the ‘revolutionary mayor’ Ka Sixto. A lunch consisting of pork humba, macaroni salad and fruit juice followed the wedding.

Formal program started at 1 pm and was attended by some 800 participants who came from 12 barangays of Compostela Valley. In the ceremony, Ka Sixto and other officials of the revolutionary municipal government were inducted and presented to the public.

In his speech, Ka Sixto said, “there is basis to establish the municipal revolutionary committee that will take care of the people’s economy, sustainable agriculture, education, health and other social services.”

Meanwhile, Nene (not her real name), a teen-ager Lumad, told Davao Today that she praised the efforts of the New People’s Army for responding to their appeal for assistance particularly in the reconstructing their houses.

In this community, at least 20 residences were constructed by the NPA as part of the rehabilitation program of the municipal revolutionary committee.

“Wala ko nakaeskwela og engineering pero nakatuon ko og buhat sa among balay pinaagi sa paningkamot sa tanan (I did not take up engineering but I learned how to build houses, mainly because of our collective efforts,” Nene said.(with reports from Mart D.Sambalud/davaotoday.com)

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