Philippines: Arroyo Must Stop Mad Drive to Destroy Partylist System

Apr. 20, 2007

April 20, 2007

Suara Bangsamoro: GMA must stop mad drive to destroy partylist system

Suara Bangsamoro partylist today demanded the expulsion from the May 14 elections of at least five groups directly organized and funded by Malacaang through the Office of External Affairs (OEA).

The October 16, 2006 memorandum to President Arroyo from the OEA is a national scandal. Malacaang wants to subvert the Partylist system by fielding fake partylist groups, said Suara Bangsamoro President Amirah Ali Lidasan.

President Arroyo should stop this mad drive to destroy the Partylist system, said Lidasan The Partylist system is for the marginalized and underrepresented sectors. Its not for Mrs. Arroyo.

The memorandum said that the administration aims to capture nine to twelve seats for pro-Arroyo partylists, including a budget of at least P5.5-million for October-December 2006.

We in Suara Bangsamoro and the Moro people seek genuine representation in Congress. We already face many constraints in terms of funding, possible cheating and violence. The OEA memorandum is a blatant interference to and a bastardization of the Partylist system, said Lidasan.

Lidasan asserts: The fielding and use of government funds for the pro-Arroyo partylists is a gross violation of the Partylist Law and the Constitution.

Malacaangs fake partylists as named in the OEA memorandum, namely, Babae Ka, Lypad, Kalahi, Agbiag, Alliance of Neo-Conservatives, Abono, Kasangga and Aging Pinoy.

Directors under the OEA-Special Concerns Group themselves organized the pro-Arroyo partylists: Director Nerissa Cabral who formed Babae Ka; Director Melvin Mitra who organized Lypad; and Director Poe Gratela who is behind Kalahi.

Amirah Ali Lidasan
National President

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