Philippines President Involved in New Electoral Fraud — Migrante

Apr. 20, 2007

MANILA — Migrante International today presented to media copies of a Confidential Memo
and Partylist Campaign Proposal addressed to the President detailing how
Malacanang will bastardize the Partylist system to massively cheat in the
2007 elections.

This paper outlines underlines Glorias direct hand in this despicable scheme.
Our expose illustrates that even the darkest of fraudulent and fascist deeds
will be thrust into the public spotlight. We denounce in the strongest terms
this latest covert operation by the Arroyo regime to cheat in this years
elections, says Connie Bragas-Regalado, Migrante International Chairperson,
noting the Hello Garci expose regarding fraud in the 2004 elections.

Bragas-Regalado said the papers she presented during a joint press conference
this morning by Migrante, the Gabriela Womens Partylist, Anakpawis, Kabataan
Party and Suara Bangsamoro in Manila go beyond the reports of Partylist seats
for sale.

The two page Memo is signed by Office of External Affairs (OEA) Assistant
Secretary Marcelo T. Farinas II and is dated 16 October 2006. It outlines the
formation of a Special Concerns Group (SCG) inside Malacanangs Office of
External Affairs and requests funding from Glorias Intelligence Funds.

The Confidential Memo is addressed to the President through her close relative
and Special Assistant Atty. Erlyn De Leon. Atty. De Leon is reportedly tasked
with handling Arroyos intelligence funds.

The OEA is Malacanangs dirty trick s department while the SCG is its Special
Covert and Cheating Group. Both must be immediately exposed and
investigated. They are using the peoples funds for widespread electoral fraud
and political persecution, added Bragas-Regalado, noting that the OEA is
headed by Arroyo lackeys Usec. Eduardo Soliman Jr. and Asec. John Batara. She
also questioned the role Special Assistant Secretary Atty. De Leon plays in
this grandiose plan for electoral fraud and violence given that she allegedly
controls Arroyos intelligence funds.

For its part, the OEA-SCG is headed by Asec. Farinas, who is assisted by three
Directors. It is tasked with creating government-funded partylists and
supporting other pro-administration partylists to prevent Opposition solons
from gaining a majority in the Lower House to stop another impeachment
complaint against Arroyo.

According to the papers, the four main partylist groups for Malacanang to
support are Kalahi (OFWs), Babae Ka (women), LYPAD (youth), and Agbiag
(Ilocano). The first three groups were formed by OEA-SCG Directors Poe
Gratela, Nerissa Garcia and Melvin Mitra respectively while the fourth group,
AGBIAG, was created by OEA-SCG head Asec. Farinas.

These groups combined with the creation of other pro-admin partylists by the
First Gentleman, the AFP and other wings of the regime must be immediately
disqualified. They are part of a grand scheme for electoral fraud and violence
that involves a range of fascist tactics, including urban militarization and
political killings, said Bragas-Regalado, noting that the OEA Partylist
Campaign paper targets progressive partylist groups Bayan Muna, Anakpawis,
Gabriela, Kabataan Party, Suara Bangsamoro and Migrante.

Bragas-Regalado concluded by calling on all Filipinos to remain vigilant in
monitoring, reporting, exposing and opposing all attempts by the Arroyo regime
to commit electoral fraud and violence in this years elections.

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