STANDPOINT | Support farmers’ production of non-GMO crops

Oct. 21, 2016

On October 14, 2016, Davao Today published an article entitled “Group mounts ‘anti-GMO’ protest on World Food Day celebration” which talks about the rally done by different cause-oriented groups in order to fulfil their goal of stopping the use of pesticides, and also production of genetically modified crops.

Genetically modified crops (GMO) are dangerous due to its unnatural way of production. Food allergies are possible due to the novel protein the GMOs contain. It could also produce substances that are toxic to humans which put a high risk in our food security. The chemicals in these GMOs could contaminate the soil it is planted in. Not only does it harm us, but it is also harmful to our environment.

It is very disturbing to have known that GMOs are planted to more than 20,000 hectares of land. Farmers, who plants these GMOs just to earn enough money to sustain their family for a day, are greatly affected. The crops they plant are not advisable to be eaten because it could lead to allergy, which causes their source of food to be scarce, and hunger to be a norm. Also, the soil in which they plant in is now contaminated, which means that the land which could just have been given to these farmers to be taken care of, are wasted due to the reckless use of chemicals and production of GMOs.

I just hope that the use of GMOs would stop. There are a lot of organic farming advocates and farmers that are starting to build a non-GMO organization. Many should be given more knowledge about this. Let us not be ignorant of the problems our agriculture sector is facing. Let us support our farmers in planting non-GMO crops.

Gianna Gabrielle M. Benavides, Grade 11 student from Marist School, Marikina |

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