STATEMENT | Journalists and media workers on the denial of the ABS-CBN franchise

Jul. 13, 2020

(Photo courtesy of Patrick Roque/Wikimedia Commons)

Statement of journalists, editors, and media workers on the denial of the ABS-CBN franchise released on July 13, 2020

We, the undersigned journalists, editors and workers from different media organizations, express our solidarity with thousands of our colleagues in ABS-CBN who risk losing their jobs after the House of Representatives Committee on Legislative Franchises denied the network a fresh 25-year franchise.

We condemn the unjust and cruel decision of the House committee that threatens the livelihood of workers as we are facing uncertainties due to the pandemic.

One media outfit shut down because of the whims and trivialities of those in power is one too many, especially at a time when the public needs credible and independently verified information to make informed choices.

The role of a journalist in a democratic society is to keep the people well-informed to allow them to be free and self-governing, not to serve as any administration’s publicist.

The rejection of ABS-CBN’s franchise bill sounds the death knell to a credible source of news and a huge attack on press freedom in the country.

In denying the network of a franchise, the 70 lawmakers clearly want to treat the press as a propaganda machine that will serve their political interests, embellish their image, and parrot their spin.

History will surely be cruel to the lawmakers who voted against the franchise renewal of a network that was last shut down during the Marcos dictatorship.

The only “historic” deed they were able to accomplish is to make the chamber a pawn for carrying out a personal vendetta.

Victory came easy for the forces that conspired to bring down ABS-CBN. But the rehabilitation of the image of those condemned by history won’t, as it will be fraught with the collective wrath of a people who live by democracy and the rule of law.

July 13, 2020

Adam Ang
Adelle Chua, Manila Standard
Aika Rey, Rappler
Aimee Guinita, Davao Today
Albert Rodriguez, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Alden Monzon
Alex San Juan, Manila Bulletin
Alexa Villano, Rappler
Alexis Romero
Allan About, Radyo Natin Buug Zamboanga Sibugay
Allan Macatuno, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Allan Policarpio, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Almario Rentura, ABS-CBN Davao
Alvin Kasiban, Manila Bulletin
Alyssa Rola
Amabelle San Pedro, ABS-CBN
Amalia B. Cabusao, Mindanao Times
Amanda Lago, Rappler
Ana Santos
Analou De Vera
Anamie Arcillas, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Anca Paje
Andoreena Causon, ABS-CBN Davao
Andrei Carlo Ching, ABS-CBN Davao
Angel Dukha III, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Angela Celis
Angelica Ballesteros
Anjanet Bolingkit, Energy FM Dipolog
Anna Felicia Bajo
Anna Leah Estrada
Annelle Tayao-Juego, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Anthony Cuaycong, VERA Files
Anthony Q. Esguerra
Antonia Supieza, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Antonio Colina, MindaNews
Archie Sumalinog, ABS-CBN Davao
Argyll Geducos, Manila Bulletin
Arianne F. Calumbiran
Arianne Mae Tampus Apatan, ABS-CBN Cotabato
Aricel Saludo
Arjay L. Balinbin
Ark Nowell Magno Hasigan, ABS-CBN Davao
Arman Almerez, ABS-CBN Davao
Armin Adina, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Arnel Kwong, MAGIK FM
Arnell Ozaeta, The Weekly Frontpage
Audrie Julienne D. Bernas
Aurea Calica, The Philippine STAR/
Barnaby Lo
Barry Ohaylan, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Basilio Sepe
Bea Bernardo
Bea Cupin, Rappler
Bea Micaller
Bee Go, Rappler
Belle Bondoc-Roberto, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Ben de Vera, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Benjamin T. Petilos Jr., ABS-CBN Davao, Dxab1296
Berchan Louie Angchay, ABS-CBN Davao
Bernadette Lunas, Manila Standard
Bernadette Nicolas
Betheena Unite, Manila Bulletin
Bhal Cabrera, Mindanao News Express
Billy Joe Santos, ABS-CBN Davao
Bingbong Austria
Bobby Nolasco, ABS-CBN Davao
Bobby Timonera, MindaNews
Boling Dela Cruz, LDN Today
Bong Lozada,
Bong Pedralvez
Bong Sarmiento, MindaNews
Bonita L. Ermac, Manila Bulletin, Iligan
Bonna Pamplona, ABS-CBN Davao
Bonz Magsambol, Rappler
Booma Cruz, VERA Files
Bryan Esin, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Buena Bernal
C. Mendez Legazpi, BusinessMirror
Caleb Benitez, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Camille Elemia, Rappler
Care Balleras
Carla Gomez, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Carlo Jacob Molina
Carmi P. Rivera
Carmina Tunay, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Carolyn O. Arguillas, MindaNews
Carylee Gali, NOW
Catherine A. Modesto
Catherine Talavera
Cathrine Gonzales,
Cedelf Tupas, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Celine Isabelle Samson, VERA Files
Cha Lino,
Charina Echaluce, NOW
Charmaine Awitan, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Charmaine Deogracias, VERA Files
Charmaine Tadalan
Chastine Jen Montaño, ABS-CBN Davao
Cheche V. Moral, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Chelsey Brazal
Cheryl Onyot, DXRL Molave
Chie Gatuz, NOW
Chino Leyco
Chito De La Vega, Rappler
Chris Panganiban, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Chris Quintana, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Chrisel Almonia, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Chrislen Bulosan, ABS-CBN Davao
Christe Garingo Basadre, Radyo Bisdak Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
Christia Marie Ramos,
Christian Deiparine
Christian Jacinto,
Christian V. Esguerra, ABS-CBN News
Chrysee Samillano, Visayan Daily Star
Cindy Caruana, MBC Ozamis
Claire Cornelio, ABS-CBN Davao
Cody Cepeda,
Cong B. Corrales, Mindanao Gold Star Daily, CDO
Connie Fernandez-Brojan, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Consuelo Marquez,
Corrie Narisma, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Cory de Jesus, ABS-CBN France
Cris Angelo Andrade, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Crisanto Sapong, Energy FM Dipolog
Criselyn Valesco, DXNE 94.3 FM Tubod, Lanao
Cristine Manuel, Dxno Radyo komunidad Basilan
Czeriza Valencia
Daniel Manalastas
Danielle F. Gabriel
Dante Dapitan, KMTV
Daphne Galvez,
Darlene Delgado
Darryl John Esguerra,
Daxim L. Lucas, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Deejae Dumlao,
Delfin Dioquino, Rappler
Delfin Mallari Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer
Denise Valdez
Denison Dalupang, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Dennis Mariano
Dennis Palco, Radyo Bandera Gensan
Dennis Ruego, ABS-CBN Davao
Dexter V. Cabalza, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Dhel Nazario, Manila Bulletin
Didot Sacote, DXNE 93.4 FM
Dino Mari Testa
Diosdado Budeng, ABS-CBN Davao
Divina Morgia Suson, Philippine Daily Inquirer
DJ Yap, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Doris Dumlao-Abadilla, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Dyborrhae Jewel Mendoza Reyes, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Dynah Gay Diestro, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Earle Galindo, ABS-CBN Davao
Eastine Charles Taneo, ABS-CBN
Edgar Degayo, DXVL 107.7 FM
Edgar Lubiano, Dxno Radyo komunidad Basilan
Edison Gonzales
Edith Pagente-Tomong, RMN DxDR
Edra L. Benedicto, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Edu Punay
Edwin O. Fernandez, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Efigenio Toledo IV,
Eia Santos,
Eimor Santos
Elena Pelari, Clark TV/Radio Bisdak Y96 FM
Elijah Roderos, VERA Files
Elijah Rosales
Elizabeth Marcelo, The Philippine STAR
Ella Mage
Ellen Tordesillas, VERA Files
Ellie Aben
Elton Ybas, ABS-CBN Davao
Elyrose Naorbe, Iloilo Metropolitan Times
Emil Manguerra, Pinas 360
Emilito Balansag, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Eric Gevero, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Ernex Cañete, Radyo Natin Molave
Eros Villanueva, ESPN Philippines
Erwin Colcol
Erwin M. Mascariñas, Philippine Daily Inquirer/Gold Star Daily
Erwin Mariño, ABS-CBN Davao
Euden Valdez,
Eugene Dango, ABS CBN Davao
Eunice Wu, Philippine Daily Inquirer
EV Espiritu, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Expedita Roxas, MBC Ozamis/ DXNT FM
Ezra Acayan
Fate Colobong, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Felipe F. Salvosa II, PressOne.PH
Frances Katigbak, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Francine Medina Marquez
Francis Allan Angelo, Daily Guardian
Francis Basco
Francis Magbanua, ABS-CBN Davao
Franco Luna,
Franz Lewin Embudo
Fraulein Olavario, TV5
Fredzon Sagarino, ABS-CBN Davao
Froilan Gallardo, MindaNews
Froilan Garcia
Gabbi Parlade, Daily Tribune
Gabriel Pabico Lalu,
Gabriela Baron, Manila Bulletin
Gaea Cabico,
Gerald Dizon,
Gerard Carreon
Gerg Cahiles
Ghiner Cabanday, RMN Iligan
Ghio Ong
Gigi Valderrama
Giging Timagos, DXVL 107.7 FM
Gillian Cortez
Girlie Linao
Giselle Ombay, ABS-CBN
Gleefer Jalea
Glenda Gloria, Rappler
Glenda Tayona
Glenn Ray Roluna, Mindanao News Express/DXDD Ozamis
Grace Saron, Mindanao Times Davao
Great Shell Pagalan, ABS-CBN Davao
Greg Refraccion, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Gretchen Malalad
Hana Bordey
Hanah Tabios, Manila Bulletin
Hannah Mallorca, The Philippine STAR
Harold Warren Sarabia, ABS-CBN Davao
Hazel Sim Romero, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Hazel Villa, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Helen Flores
Helen Quiñanola, Correspondent, TFC Australia
Henry Lumawag
Herbie Gomez, Gold Star Daily
Hernel Tocmo, ABS-CBN Davao
Howard Johnson
Ian Biong,
Ian Nicolas Cigaral,
Ian Paul Cordero
Ian Suyu
Ime Sornito
Inna Cabel, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Ira Pedrasa, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Irene Perez, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Iris Gonzales
Ivel John Santos, VERA Files
Ivy Marie Mangadlao, Caraga Observer
Jacque Manabat, ABS-CBN News
Jaimie Aberia, NOW
Jaira Krishelle Balboa,
Jamela Alindogan
James Francis Mendoza Barlisan, Mindanao News Express
James Galay, ABS-CBN Davao
James Patrick de Jesus
James Relativo,
Jamil Santos
Jan Carlo Anolin, Manila Bulletin
Jan Edward Ballesteros, ESPN Philippines
Jane Bautista, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Jannielyn Ann Bigtas
Janvic Mateo, The Philippine STAR/
Jason Gutierrez
Jasper Emmanuel Arcalas, BusinessMirror
Jasper Kent Cabardo, Mindanao News Express
Jasper Ramalla Magoncia, ABS-CBN Davao
Jay Patao, Malaya Business Insight
Jayson Arcan, Dxno Radyo komunidad Basilan
Jayson Mojado
JC Gotinga, Rappler
Jean Dischoso, NOW
Jeanny Clarin, MBC Ozamis
Jee Geronimo, Rappler
Jeffrey D. Gutang, ABS-CBN Davao
Jeffrey Rosales,
Jel Santos, Manila Bulletin
Jenelyn Sarahina, ABS-CBN Davao
Jenina Ibañez
Jennifer Ponsaran-Rendon, Daily Guardian
Jennifer Santiago, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Jenny Ortuoste
Jeoffrey Maitem, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Jepoy Soriano, Pinas 360
Jerah May Rivera
Jeraldine Pascual
Jerome Vitug, NOW
Jhay Ar Ofima, DXBZ AM and DXCA FM Pagadian City
Jhesset O. Enano, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Jhoanna Ballaran
Jigger J. Jerusalem, Philippine Daily Inquirer/Gold Star Daily
Jimbo Gulle, Manila Standard
Jimmy A. Domingo,
Jimmy Calapati
JK Carandang, GMA News Online
Joahna Casilao
Joan Dairo-Revoltar
Joanna Aglibot, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Job Anthony Manahan
Jocelyn Reloba-Vales, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Jodee A. Agoncillo, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Jodesz Gavilan, Rappler
Joemeleth Tabotabo, DXLJ 96.7 News FM
Joey Gabieta, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Joey P. Nacalaban, Mindanao Gold Star Daily
Joey Yecyec, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Jofelle Tesoro, ABS-CBN Europe
John Bryan Ulanday, The Philippine STAR
John Chester P. Fajardo
John Martin Taasin, DXLJ 103.7 Energy FM Dipolog City
John Ramil, ABS TV Molave
John Reczon E. Calay, ONE News
John Rey Solis, MBC Ozamis
Johnna Giolagon
Jojo Riñoza
Jon Viktor Cabuenas
Jonas Terrado, Manila Bulletin
Jonathan de Santos,
Jonathan Santos, IFM Zamboanga
Jonathan Vicente,
Jonel Pelari, Clark TV
Jordeene Sheex Lagare
Joselito Villasis
Joselle Dela Cruz
Joseph Pedrajas, Manila Bulletin
Jovic Yee, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Jovie Agus, DXVL 107.7 FM
Joy Engoc, DXAA 92.5FM and Dipolog Chronicle
Joyce Pañares, Manila Standard
Juan Segovia, DXYU 93.7 FM Maranding
Jufel Pacaña, RMN Zamboanga
Julia Medina
Julia Ornedo
Julie M. Aurelio, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Julie S. Alipala, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Juliet D. Aya-ay, ABS-CBN Davao
Julius Catacutan, ABS-CBN Davao
Jun Dela Peña, DXVL 107.7 FM
Jun Enriquez, Forum for Peace TV/Edge FM Iligan
Jun Indonto, DXRL Dipolog
Juned Daymiel, DXAA 92.5 FM Dipolog
Kara Magsanoc Alikpala
Karl Ocampo, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Karlos Manlupig, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Karlston Lapniten, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Karol Anne Ilagan, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
Kate Reyes,
Kath Cortez, Davao Today
Katherine G. Adraneda
Katrina Elaine C. Alba
Katrina Hallare,
Kenneth Alipala, Spectrum
Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay, ABS-CBN Davao
Keziah Sumadic, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Kimberlie Quitasol, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Klaire Joanna Ting, VERA Files
Krissy Aguilar,
Kristine Joy Patag,
Krixia Subingsubing, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Kurtnhy Maderal, Caraga Observer
Laurence C. Bation, ABS-CBN Davao
Lawrence Agcaoili
Leila Salaverria, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Leizle Lacastesantos, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Leo Laparan II, Pinas 360
Leoncia Nacua Gulahab, DXCT FM, Tangub
Leslie Santiago, IFM Zamboanga
Lian Buan, Rappler
Lisbet Esmael
Lito B. Zulueta, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Llanesca Panti
Louella Desiderio
Louie Greg Rivera, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Lourdes Escaros, NUJP National Capital Region
Luisa Morales,
Luz Wendy Noble
Lyza Bautista, CNN Philippines/DXKD
Ma. Angelica Garcia
Maan D’Asis Pamaran, ANCX
Madelaine Miraflor
Madonna Virola, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Mai Bermudez
Maimai Jongco, DXCA FM DXBZ AM Pagadian
Manman Dejeto, MindaNews
Manny Mogato
Mar Arguelles, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Mara Cepeda, Rappler
Marc Jayson Cayabyab, The Philippine STAR
Marchel Espina, Visayan Daily Star/Rappler
Maria Adelaida Calayag, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Maria Bernadette Romero
Maria Cecilia Butardo, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Maria Razelle Rodriguez, ABS-CBN Regional-Mindanao
Maria Ressa, Rappler
Maria Tan
Maricar Cinco, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Mariejo S. Ramos, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Marielle Lucenio
Marinel Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Mark Amoguis
Mark Bacroya, DxDR
Mark James Estonilo,
Mark John Riel Alforque, J Channel
Mark Saludes
Marlon Garcia, IFM Zamboanga
Marlon Marces, ABS-CBN Davao
Marlon Ramos, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Marnie Maghinay, DXVL 107.7 FM
Mart Sambalud, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Martin Sadongdong
Mary Grace Padin
Mathew Sanson, Dxno Radyo komunidad Basilan
Matthew Reysio-Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Maureen Simeon
Maximillan Villanos, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Mayvelin Caraballo
Me-ann Perido, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Meeko Angela Camba, VERA Files
Meg Adonis, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Melanie Guanzon, RMN Zamboanga
Melanie Severino, ABS-CBN Davao
Melchor C. Carcasona , ABS-CBN Davao
Melchor Coronel, DXPR
Melissa Luz Lopez
Melissa Mae Rosello, ABS-CBN Davao
Melo Acuña
Melodee Joy Casimiro-Concepcion, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Melvin Gascon, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Merinette Retona, VERA Files
Merlyn Manos, GMA7 Iligan
Mia Gonzalez, Rappler
Michael Kho Lim
Michael Navarro, Mindanao News Express
Michael Peincenaves, Caraga Observer
Michelle Abad, Rappler
Michelle Robin, ABS-CBN Davao
Miguel Camus, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Mike Navallo, ABS-CBN News
Mike Sinco, IFM Zamboanga
Mikkah Factor, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Mildred Fragante
Minerva Generalao, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Minka Tiangco, Manila Bulletin
Mirasol Monteza, RMN Zamboanga
MJ Blancaflor, Daily Tribune
Mok Pusong, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Myla Iglesias
Nastasha Verayo-de Villa, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Neil Arwin Mercado,
Neil Jayson Servallos, The Philippine STAR
Nestle Semilla, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Nestor Burgos Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer
Nestor Corrales, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Nickee Butlangan, ABS-CBN Sulu
Nickie Wang, Manila Standard
Nicole Stephanie N. Dacanay, ONE News
Nicole-Anne Lagrimas
Nida Buenafe, Visayan Daily Star
Nikka Valenzuela, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Nikko B. Valdez, Tirad Pass Radio TV Broadcasting Network Inc.
Nikko Miguel Garcia
Niña V. Guno,
Noel Rico Alviola, ABS-CBN Davao
Noel Sevillano Talacay, Malaya Business Insight
Noli Cañada, ABS-CBN Davao
Noning Antonio, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Norman Tan,
Oscar Samson Jr., ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Pam Pastor, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Paola Navarette
Paolo Romero
Paolo S. Mariano
Paterno Esmaquel II, Rappler
Patricia Denise M. Chiu, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Patricia Lourdes Viray,
Patty Pasion, Rappler
Paul Palacio, ABS-CBN Davao
Pauline Faye Tria
Pauline Macaraeg, Rappler
Pennie Azarcon dela Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Peter Tabingo, Malaya Business Insight
Philip Martin Matel
Philip Tumaroy, ABS-CBN Davao
Pia Ranada, Rappler
Pinky Ruiz, DXLJ Energy FM
Pocholo Concepcion, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Prinz Magtulis,
RA Ostria, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Raffy Cabristante, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Ralf Rivas, Rappler
Ralph Edwin Villanueva, The Philippine STAR
Ralph Joshua D.R. Hernandez
Rambo Talabong, Rappler
Randell Angelo B. Ritumalta
Randolph B. Leongson,
Raoul Chee Kee, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Raquel Crisostomo, ABS-CBN, Belgium
Ratziel San Juan,
Raul Dancel
RCNicholai Rañoa, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Redempto Anda, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Refcie Pagotaisidro, Dxno Radyo komunidad Basilan
Reiven Pascasio, VERA Files
Renante Siose, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Rene Bucag, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Renz Sumalinog, DXVL 107.7 FM Maranding
Reuben James Rosalado, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Revin Mikael Ochave
Rex Gaitano, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Rexel Jumawan, MBC Ozamis
Rey Garcia, Peoples’ Guardian Dipolog
Reymar Latoza, Iloilo Metropolitan Times
Rhea Bragas, Correspondent, TFC Australia
Ria Fernandez, TV5
Richa Noriega, Manila Bulletin
Richard A. Reyes, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Richard Falcatan, Dxno Radyo komunidad Basilan
Richel V. Umel, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Richmond Hinayon, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Richmond Mercurio
Riera Mallari, Manila Standard
Rito Asilo, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Robert Dejon, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Rod Bolivar, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Roel Hoang Manipon, Daily Tribune
Rolly Caquilala, DXYU 93.7 FM
Romar Miranda, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Romina Cabrera
Ronald Butuan, DXAA 92.5 FM Dipolog
Ronie Sesante, Spectrum
Ronnel Domingo, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Rosalia Revaldo, VERA Files
Rosario Liquicia, VERA Files
Rosemarie Ann Diabordo, ABS-CBN Davao
Rosette Adel, Interaksyon
Rowel S. Ayen, Jr.
Roxanne Arevalo, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Roy D.R. Narra
Roy Stephen C. Canivel, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Ruby Silubrico
Ruel S. De Vera, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Ruelle Albert Castro, Malaya Business Insight
Ryan Arcadio,
Ryan Juego
Ryan Rosauro, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Sara Tomas, VERA Files
Shamira Pasil, ABS-CBN Zamboanga
Sharon Untal, ABS-CBN Davao
Sherma E. Benosa
Sherwin Navio, ABS-CBN Legazpi
Sofia Tomacruz, Rappler
Stanley Buenafe Gajete
Steph Semilla, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Stephanie Asuncion, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Sundy Locus
Sunny Dimasuhid Jr., ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Susan T. Regidor, ABS-CBN Davao
Taher Guiambangan Solaiman, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Tara Yap
Ted Cordero
Teodyver Arquiza, IFM Zamboanga
Tere Cruz-Tenorio, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Tina Arceo-Dumlao, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Tina G. Santos, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Tina Ganzon-Ozaeta,The Weekly Frontpage
Tita Valderama, VERA Files
TJ Burgonio, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Tonette Orejas, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Tyrone Piad, BusinessMirror
Vanessa Hidalgo, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Vann Marlo Villegas
Vanne Terrazola
Veejay Villafranca
Veronica Tapia, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Ves Garcia,
Vina Araneta-Pilapil, ABS-CBN Davao
Vince Nonato,
Vincent Cabreza, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Vincent Paler Gumahad, Peoples’ Guardian Dipolog
Virgil Castillano, ABS-CBN Davao
Virma Rivera
Williamor Magbanua, Phillipine Daily Inquirer
Winona S. Sadia
Wislly Daculiat, ABS-CBN North Mindanao
Xave Gregorio
Yasmin Coles
Zandro Ochona, ABS-CBN News
Zorayda Eva Mustaril, DXAA 92.5 FM and Dipolog Chronicle

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