There is no other time more urgent for justice and peace to reign than today!

Feb. 14, 2021

“You have been told what is good and what Yahweh requires of you: to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

The cry among the poorest of the poor of humanity and creation for whom we, the Missionaries of the Assumption are called to serve for over three decades of our existence, is more agonizing and desperate as their human dignity are continuously trampled on and violated.

We are called once again to act immediately and respond to the anguish and pain, as it is getting to be more difficult and unbearable each day to have to witness their struggles amid this pandemic, and the continuing political scourge that has gripped our country.

We are one with the rest of the followers of Jesus in today’s world who are calling out to the national leaders to heed the hunger and thirst of our fellow poor Filipinos, not only for food and nourishment amid this pestilence, but for compassion and love from those whom the people have vested the power to lead our nation.

In the face of all this, darkness threatens to engulf our very soul; hopelessness reared its ugly head and mocked our frailty and inadequacy.

But we refuse to be cowed because we know that God has always been there to guide us and give us the strength we need as we continue to work side by side with the poor and the powerless.

Though the road seems impossible to tread on because of the gigantic obstacles that lay before us, we shall continue to do what we believe:

• Popularize Human Rights Education: Love our Human Rights
• Strengthen Human Rights Advocacy: Cherish our HR Advocates
• Engage in Human Rights Activism: Act in Solidarity with the Victims of the State
• Be one with International Solidarity for Human Rights – the need for an international body to investigate and come up with the solutions to these human rights violations
• Challenge the State’s responsibility for Land Reform, Just Wage, National Sovereignty as Good and Sacred Causes
• Care and protect our planet Earth – our only HOME
• Urge the AFP – PNP to stay on the side of love and justice. There is beauty and peace in being truthful and being able to serve the people.
• We call on everyone to work for the transformation of our society to be more just, more loving, and more compassionate.

These are not easy for us, but together with the rest of humanity who are working for genuine justice and peace no matter the cost, we know that we shall rise and overcome.

“Each one of us needs to find our place in this whole mission of proclaiming, upholding, and building the Kingdom of God.”

May God be with all of us in this endeavor.

Sr. Flora C. Secuya, m.a.
Missionaries of the Assumption
J.P. Cabaguio Avenue
Davao City
7 February 2021

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