2 survive weekend shooting incidents

Jan. 19, 2016

By Kristine Ina Magdosa, Davao Today Intern

DAVAO CITY – Two shooting incidents occurred in Talomo district here during the weekend where both of the victims luckily survived the attacks.

On January 16, Marnel Tambis Guihapon, 19,  was attacked by two suspects inside his room in New Town Village, Barangay Bago Gallera around 5:00 in the afternoon.

Guihapon sustained a gunshot wound on his right chest.

One of the suspects was identified as Warren Limbaga who figured in a dispute with the victim.

The police recovered a fired cartridge case, which is believed to be from a Caliber 22 pistol.

Meanwhile, at around 4:00 am a 15-year old high-school student  was injured after a driver went furious against the victim’s companion.

According to police investigations,  an unidentified driver of a black pick-up type vehicle who was passing by the victim’s group fired three times towards them while they were having fun along Tinago Drive in Matina Crossing.

One of the victim’s friends, who was only identified as Alex, allegedly mocked and shouted at the suspect who then opened his car window and fired at the group.

The victims were both rushed to Southern Philippines Medical Center for treatment. (davaotoday.com)

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