An act of pure harassment and legal trickery

Jul. 04, 2016

Here is a statement of Bayan-Southern Mindanao– condemning

the unjust issuance of “arrest warrants” by the RTC Branch 10

to the 15 leaders of various groups and organizations that provided

sanctuary to the Lumad evacuees who fled from their communities

because of intense militarization in their area.


These 15 individuals have now been known as the “Haran 15”–all of them

accused of kidnapping and human trafficking by the military through

the instigation of Nancy Catamco.


The trumped cases against the “Haran 15”  are characteristic tactic

of the military designed to harass and intimidate persons who are critical

of the government’s Oplan Bayanihan which cause extreme suffering

of and loss of lives  to the Lumad people because of intense militarization


In a vicious stroke of tyranny, the “Haran 15” are now the victims of

injustice, harassment and legal trickery by Pinoy’s and Delima’s

intransigence and moral insensibility.


Vehemently condemn the justice System of P-Noy and De Lima!

Upon the exit of President PNoy and DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima from their respective posts, they leave behind a despicable act that stinks of utter injustice and crass inhumanity.  The DOJ ordered the Regional Trial Court of Davao to issue “arrest warrants” against 15 leaders of concerned groups and organizations that provided sanctuary to the hundreds of Lumad evacuees at the Haran Compound of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP).

This is an extremely vicious move which the local Court blindly followed oblivious of the fact that the trumped-up cases on which the arrest warrants were based have already been dismissed by the Prosecution Office for lack of probable cause.

It’s very clear that the baseless accusations were concocted by the military.  It bespeaks of perverted minds that reflect PNoy’s and De Lima’s own warped sensibilities.  It constitutes a blatant mockery of Justice.  It is utterly ridiculous!

It is unthinkable that 15 individuals, some of them religious sisters and Church pastors, can kidnap or abduct more than 700 Lumad people from Talaingod across a distance of several hundred kilometers! But because oppressors’ minds are devoid of logical reason and sound judgment, this despicable and ridiculous act has been perpetrated.

At first, the Lumad residents in their home places were hapless victims of militarization—all sorts of human rights violations were committed by PNoy’s military—from naked harassment to intimidations and rape , to kidnappings and tortures, to massacres.

And now, it’s the kindhearted individuals who provided a sanctuary for the safety and care of the Lumad people who are accused of kidnapping? What a shining case of illogic and idiocy!

President Rodrigo Duterte even extended aid to these evacuees at Haran, giving food and other necessities when he was still Mayor of the City.  Would the good Mayor have come to their aid if he did not approve and commend the humanitarian deeds of the concerned groups?

And yet, we now witness the moral bankruptcy of PNoy and De Lima who have deigned to leave behind a stinking and rotten order to the RTC of Davao for the purpose of harassing the 15 leaders of concerned groups and organizations.

Dismiss the trumped-up cases against the Haran 15!

Recall the “arrest warrants” issued against them!

Hold PNoy and De Lima accountable for their despicable act!

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