DAVAO CITY, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte said he is supporting same sex marriage in the country, adding that the law governing marriage can be amended.

During the 7th LGBT Davao Year-end Gathering at the Azuela Cove here Sunday, December 17, Duterte was applauded after saying he wants same sex marriage and the government can change the law.

“Ako gusto ko same sex marriage (I want same-sex marriage). Ang problema (the problem is) we’ll have to change the law. But we can change the law,” Duterte said referring to the Family Code which provides for the marriage of a man and a woman.

“I don’t have any problems making it marrying a man, marrying a woman or whatever is the predilection of the human being,” Duterte added.

Change of tune

In March this year, Duterte in a speech before the Filipino community in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, said same sex marriage cannot work for the Philippines where majority are Catholics and where “there is the Civil Code, which says that you can only marry a woman for me… for a woman to marry a man.”

“Yun ang kultura nila. Eh di kayo lang, hindi ‘yan pwede sa amin. Katoliko kami… (That’s their culture. It does not apply to us. We are Catholics…),” he said previously.

Before the Presidential elections last year, Duterte said he was would consider legalizing same-sex marriage.

LGBT commission?

Duterte on Sunday added he wants the LGBT community to nominate a representative from their sector for a new commission which the government is yet to set up.

“So yang Commission na ‘yan, bubuuin ko pa (I have yet to set up that Commission),” he said, after he mentioned about the incident where he fired commissioners of the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP).

“I’d like a gay there somewhere or a lesbian. And mag-usap kayong lahat all over the Philippines ‘yung… You nominate somebody who is honest, hardworking. And I would like to show that any, any ma-bakla man o ma-tomboy can — well, can always work just like an ordinary human being (And you talk among yourselves all over the Philippines. And I would like to show that any, whether he is a gay or a lesbian, well, can alway work just like an ordinary human being),” Duterte said.

He said he will give the LGBT sector until the second week of January next year to nominate their representative. (davaotoday.com)

  • Donald Limbujan

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 … you can change the law of Human being but not the law given by God
    1 Timothy 1:9-10

  • dangerbana

    God also created gay people.

  • JohnYouAreSoCorrect

    He created mga tao, pero he does not make them homosexual.

  • JohnYouAreSoCorrect

    It is not a surprise that a lifelong sexual pervert would support sexual perversion.
    It’s also not surprising that a habitual flip-flopper would flip _again_ on this issue.
    Before the last election, Duterte told so-called Vice Ganda on his TV show that he supports homosexual marriage. Tapos, last year, Duterte publicly opposed homosexual marriage.

  • JohnYouAreSoCorrect

    Same-sex marriage debases true marriage, and thereby weakens society, by Keaton Halley

    If we abandon the Bible’s teaching on marriage and just make up new definitions as we go, then why couldn’t marriage be redefined in other ways? Why couldn’t it be more than two people, for example? Why couldn’t it be a temporary rather than a lifelong commitment? There’s a logical slippery slope from same sex marriage to polygamy, temporary marriages, and other corrupt practices, because the same wrong thinking underlies these ideas—that people rather than the Creator have the authority to decide what marriage is. Sadly, once the definition of marriage is separated from the Creator’s design, it becomes so flexible that it begins to lose any significant meaning. Indeed, many homosexual activists have admitted that their real goal is to destroy the institution of marriage altogether. They realize that championing same-sex marriage works toward undermining the norms of marriage (like monogamy, permanence and exclusivity) and ultimately even the very concept of marriage itself.

    But healthy societies are built on healthy families. The more we move away from the biblical teaching on marriage, the more we’ll have broken homes, because other arrangements simply do not work as well as God’s design. Logic indicates that the undermining of marriage will lead to an increase in cohabitation, divorce, single parenting, abortion, etc., and various studies help to confirm this. The weakening of marriage will place a burden on society as a whole, because others will have to step in with time, energy, and money to try to repair the damage. They will have to minister to hurting adults and help to raise the children of broken homes, and those children will be more likely to get into trouble, causing further problems.

  • JohnYouAreSoCorrect

    Same-sex marriage undermines religious freedom, by Keaton Halley

    It should not be surprising that, once gay marriage is declared legal, those who oppose it are seen as enemies of the law. This is why, especially since the US Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, those with moral and religious objections to same-sex marriage are increasingly being persecuted for simply following their deeply held religious convictions.

    Religious adoption agencies are being forced to close if they will not place children into same-sex households. Christian schools are being threatened with loss of funding and accreditation if they do not allow their students to actively engage in homosexual practices. Professionals in the wedding industry and even pizza shops are being forced to participate in same-sex ceremonies, or face financial ruin. Even individuals like former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran and former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich are being hounded out of their careers for simply opposing gay marriage in their private lives. Kim Davis was sent to jail because her convictions would not allow her to sign a same-sex marriage license. And we’ve only seen the beginning of this tidal wave. All of the transgender lunacy we’re now facing is a result of this moral revolution as well.

    Clearly, gay marriage advocates want more than the freedom to do as they please. The movement includes many bullies who want to force everyone to either join them or be destroyed. They talk a lot about love, but they don’t really understand it. True love “does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth” (1 Cor. 13:6). Amazingly, in the name of ‘love’, the freedom to think and act like a Christian is being taken away.

    Christians, on the other hand, are called to love our enemies. So we must continue to show love even to those who persecute us. We do not return evil for evil, but neither do we capitulate to their demands. “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). And, because it violates God’s expressed will, Christians must continue to oppose same-sex marriage.

  • Janus Nieves

    Jesus Christ, what kind of rubbish are you trying to say?

    In this new era, youth and others are getting more and more open and curious. Also, the fact that LGBT people are “wanting more than the freedom to do as they please” is because they just don’t have good ethics, or because they are venting out their years of discrimination.

    And your “vast majority of mga bakla have been sexually molested as children, or else they were raised in a home with no same-sex parent or with an abusive same-sex parent” argument (also, the point you were trying to bring across was.. eh unclear) is as valid to use as an Apple charger for a VIVO smartphone. I know many people, who have not experienced what you have said, yet are openly non-straight.

    And with the religion? Let me just say that marriage can be nonreligious and secular. Yung kinakasal sa opisina ng mayor, that’s civil marriage, and what Duterte promises to do, if patterned with what happened in other countries, is in fact civil marriage, so faith can do nothing to do with it.

    Your argument on families is also too general, because even non-religious families can raise good kids, make good connections. Europe is one good example.

    Finally, can’t you allow these people to love freely and show their love in holy matrimony. Holiness is not confined to faith in the Christian god, or any god to that matter. Holiness comes from, as you said “love”, whether to enemy or friend. Let them love, give them same-sex marriage

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