Davao Ngilngig Festival 2018 to launch in October 26

Oct. 14, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Ngilngig is a Visayan word that has multiple meanings.

Such word is associated with another Visayan “hadlok” or creepy. This meaning is what the Davao Ngilngig Festival 2018 (DNF18) is set to showcase on October 26 to 30.

The genre of the film festival aims to showcase the many meanings of “ngilngig” derived from the wide-array of Philippine tales in various forms of art such as films, music, photography and many more.

“It is also a community effort of both independent artists and organizations in Davao to create a venue where everyone can gather to celebrate art, films, music, and many others,” Festival Director BaganeFiola said.

“It is a film festival where we gather filmmakers from all the regions,” Fiola added.

Having a rich and diverse culture, Filipinos are exposed to various arts and inspirations which motivates and drives local filmmakers to create films that reflect the Philippine legends, superstitions and tales. These stories help the film industry of the Philippines grow and develop into something bigger and greater.

With this, DNF18is a festival that showcases works of local artists and filmmakers that focuses on immortalizing written or oral stories, town tales and superstitions in its unique form through art and cinema.

The five-day festival is organized by Pasalidahay, a Davao-based collective of filmmakers and film enthusiasts that pushes for cinema development.

It is co-organized by Balud Art Network, Cinegang, Micromedia Digital Video Productions, Origane Films, Swito Social Innovation Hub, The Panagtagbo and TimeWrap Film Productions.

About 50 films, created by local producers from Tarlac, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos City, Cebu and many others, are to be streamed in the Gaisano Mall Cinemas and Cinematheque Davao during the DNF18, according to Programming Head Jay Rosas.

“Our commencement event is the premiere night of Balangiga: Howling Wilderness by Khavndela Cruz,” Rosas said.

Apart from the showcasing of local indie films and art that portrays “ngilngig”, the DNF18 aims to promote local independent artists and filmmakers and their brilliant works from all over the country.

DNF18 will also feature movie poster exhibits, halloween party and art forums during its five-day long celebration.(davaotoday.com)

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