Bayan Muna belies Philippiness economic growth

Sep. 02, 2007

DAVAO CITY — Bayan Muna negated here today the recent pronouncement of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of posting the alleged highest economic growth in 20 years saying that the fake president is at it again, executing a grand sham design to divert public animosity over the new revelations of the Hello Garci scandal.

What growth? The people are poorer than ever. Statistics indicating a high gross domestic product yield do not reflect the genuine conditions of our people,Bayan Muna national executive committee vice-president Joel G. Virador said.

In fact, 76.8% of respondents of a survey by the independent think-tank IBON last July 2007 said they thought of themselves as poor. The survey also revealed that 44.35% of respondents said that there were not enough available jobs/livelihood opportunities in their area and 32.66% said there were none.

Furthermore, Bayan Muna cites IBON study on the purported rise in the 2nd quarter GDP as artificial and short term since the figures reflect the increased election spending, with the government spending amounting to an outrageous P101.4 billion.

Virador noted about 69 million Filipinos or 80% of the population live with less than P96 daily income and more than 46 million Filipinos experience hunger everyday.

He said that more than 40% of the population in the urban centers dwells in communities without housing facilities and basic social services.

All that the Arroyo administration can show as basis of economic growth is the improvement in the countrys infrastructure. These buildings and highways have not fed the millions of poor families all over the country and cannot be effective gauge for the countrys real economic growth, Virador added. ###

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Joel G. Virador Lito Campo
Vice-president Information Officer
Bayan Muna National Executive Committee Bayan Muna – SMR
Contact # : 09209607108 Contact #: 09205203635

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