Maguindanao to boost weaving tradition through festival in February

Jan. 22, 2018

Photo taken from ARMM Bureau of Public Information’s website

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Maguindanao’s Inaul Festival 2018 is slated next month, with the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) hoping it would help revive the weaving tradition in the province.

ARMM Tourism Secretary Ayesa Vanessa Dilangalen said they are expecting to draw a lot of tourists for this year’s festival.

“We continue to create more appreciation things and expect to sell more Inaul,” Dilangalen said at a press conference on Monday, January 22.

Inaul refers to the weaving tradition of the Maguindanao people known for making colorful malong or wraparound skirts used by both men and women.

On Monday, Dilangalen said the festival named after the weaving tradition is Maguindanao’s biggest and grandest celebration.

It will not only showcase the prized Inaul fabric but also the rich culture and traditions of the people of Maguindanao, she said.

Last year, she said the festival was greeted by a huge demand for Maguindanao handwoven fabric.

The activities of Inaul Festival 2018 will be held in Buluan, the capital of Maguindanao. The week-long event will begin on February 8.

Palamata Nu Maguindanao pageant will be the main highlight of the festival, said Dilangalen, who added that they have invited Sebastian “Baste” Durterte, as one of the principal guests.

Now in its second year, the festival was previously called Cagayan Festival, and was eventually changed to Inaul to raise the awareness of Maguindanao’s handweaving tradition. (Christian Paclauna /

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