Dr. Bing Ventura, former President of the Sacramento Maharlika Lions Club (Medel V. Hernani/davaotoday.com)

Dr. Bing Ventura, former President of the Sacramento Maharlika Lions Club says they will conduct eye surgeries for indigent patients at the Southern Philippines Medical Center. (Medel V. Hernani/davaotoday.com)




DAVAO CITY— The Davao City Mt. Apo Lions Club announced a three-day medical mission as a joint project with the Maharlika Lions Club of Sacramento, California,which aims to help more than 3,000 patients in the city from August 4-6.

Alan Rufila, president of the Mt. Apo Lions Club said they assessed the city’s locations and conducted surveys in terms of medical needs, which resulted to three barangays as beneficiaries of the mission.

The barangays include Tugbok on August 4,  Lapu-Lapu, Agdao on August 5, and Tibungco on August 6.

Rufila said the project aims to cater 1,000 patients per barangay in the conduct of the project which will include medical, dental, and vision check-ups.

“We have doctors in our club, we have also invited doctors from SPMC and DOH, as well as from the USA,” Rufila said.

Bing Ventura, former president of Sacramento Maharlika Lions Club said that aside from the outreach program, they will also sponsor eye surgeries for indigent patients, which will be conducted at the Southern Philippines Medical Center.

He added that they currently have 19 patients with varied cases from cataract to strabismus or “lazy eyes” waiting to get their surgeries done.

“These are all free to the patients, it’s at no cost, 100 percent no cost to the patients, so it’s our club that are sponsoring the surgeries,” Ventura said.

He said that the patients will need a clearance in terms of cardiac or pediatrics through laboratory exams also free of charge, before they can be operated on.

Other tests to be held on the three-day medical mission include glucose testing and diabetes evaluation.

The joint project will also be distributing 8,000 pairs of eyeglasses and free lunch for the patients.

Both clubs are branches of the Lions Club International, the largest service organization in the whole world, with more than 210 geographical locations and more than 1.4 million members. (davaotoday.com)

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