DAVAO CITY – The City Veterinarian’s Office (CVO) reminds pet owners to be responsible.

Speaking before news reporters here Thursday, Dr. Ester Cherrie Rayos, assistant city veterinary officer said that “there are still a number of pet owners who are unaware of their responsibilities”.

“Last year, there were 8,166 impounded dogs but only about 1,000 were claimed,” she said. The rest were subjected to euthanasia, or mercy killing.

“We still have a lot of dog owners who are not aware of their responsibilities because they allow their dogs to roam around public places,” Rayos said.

Among these responsibilities was to have their pets vaccinated with the anti-rabies vaccine under Republic Act 9482 or The Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, submit their dogs for mandatory registration, maintain control over their dog and not allow it to roam the streets or any public place without a leash, provide their dog or other pets with proper grooming, adequate food and clean shelter, report any dog bite incident within 24 hours, and to assist the bite victim with medical expenses and other incidental expenses.

“Sometimes owners deny that they own the pet who bit the person,” Rayos said.

The CVO plans to conduct information drive on responsible pet ownership this year in barangays.

Rayos said “the community and the local government units (LGUs) are important” in the prevention of rabies incidents. (With reports from Roberto Gumba, Jr, Davao Today Intern)

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