Agency to aid distressed, undocumented female OFWs

Feb. 02, 2015

By Justin Gamulo, Davao Today Intern
DAVAO CITY – An official from the National Re-integration Center for Overseas Filipino Workers (NRCO) said that programs and livelihood assistance from the agency will start anew in helping repatriate migrant workers.

In a press conference Monday, regional re-integration officer Rea B. Saan said the programs were intended for distressed and undocumented female workers.

According to Saan, “passports acquired through fraud, expired visas or permit to stay, those who have no travel documents, valid but inappropriate visas, and employment contracts not processed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) all fall under undocumented status.”

Saan said OFWs who experienced rape, assault, unjust compensation and other forms of domestic violence “are classified under distressed.”

“For those undocumented OFWs, we will assess as to what type of livelihood they need,” she said.

Saan said as of 2014, the NRCO has aided 45 undocumented and 63 distressed OFWs while spending Php 10,000 for livelihood programs and skills training.

Saan said they are “targeting 75 distressed OFW’s who will be returning to the country.”

A budget of Php 750,000 and Php 500,000 has also been allotted to distressed and undocumented OFW’s respectively, said Saan.

Saan said they are also intensifying their efforts to reach OFWs “who have not yet availed the programs and services being offered by the agency” by going to provinces, municipalities, and barangay levels.

“We find it difficult to reach the clients because they don’t come out. They are embarrassed for being undocumented and distressed,” she said.(

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