Kabataan decries opening of Aquino’s Martial Rule portal, calls on junking Cybercrime Law

Feb. 05, 2013

Press Release
5 February 2013

Youth partylist Kabataan reiterates its stand to junk the Cybercrime Law as the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by the Supreme Court expires today.

“The lifting of the temporary restraining order means an opening of Aquino’s Martial Rule portal.  This infamous and dangerous law must be junked,” Bai Ali Indayla, second nominee of Kabataan partylist, said.

Since last year, the Aquino administration insisted to lift the TRO by submitting a 173-page comment to the Supreme Court against the 15 petitions questioning the law.  The government has been wanting for the law to be implemented.

“The persistent act of the administration only shows that it wants to immediately silence and repress its critics, especially at these times when the administration is spreading the lie that the country’s economy is getting stronger,” Indayla said.

The militant youth leader noted that the Aquino government’s pronouncements of a “robust fiscal condition” and a “stellar and resilient economic growth” run contrary to the actual condition of the Filipino people, including the youth.

Data from independent think tank Ibon Foundation noted that the country has a total number of 11.9 Million unemployed and underemployed individuals despite the reported 6.6 percent growth in the country’s Gross Domestic Product last year.  It added that the Philippines still has the worst unemployment rate in East Asia.

If the Cybercrime Law is implemented, Indayla said, critics of the “powers that be” will be easily prosecuted.

“Instead of forcing the Cybercime Law, the government should focus on its mandate of protecting the people’s welfare,” Indayla urged.

Kabataan suggested that Aquino should exert its effort in securing decent jobs for the unemployed, including the 27,823 nursing licensure exam passers last year.  It also advise the government to spend more efforts in rebuilding the damaged communities brought by typhoon Pablo in Mindanao

Indayla warned that the repressive efforts of the Aquino administration will never hinder the people and the youth in protecting their welfare and rights.  “We will never allow a portal to be established that will undermine our freedom.  This will only enraged us more to oppose it and build our own gateway for a brighter future,” Indayla concluded.

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Bai Ali Indayla
2nd nominee, Kabataan Partylist

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