Throwing in the towel on Marcos loot battle a shame if not a tragedy – or both

Jan. 02, 2013

Press Statement
2 January 2012

All administrations since Cory Aquino have had no strong and decisive resolve and missed the historic chance — unlike in other countries — to clean up the mess of autocracy and kleptocracy.  Noynoy Aquino letting the Marcoses get away with plunder and corruption, and other political-economic transgressions against the Filipino people is a monumental error that reverses the gains of People Power, and destroys what little faith we have left in this democracy.  It is a virtual indictment of our supposed democracy that our institutions with all their vast powers will bow down and crumble to private, self-aggrandizing interests of the remorseless greedy that wield immense wealth and influence.

The Marcoses are the epitome of a heritage and culture of impunity for the big fishes.  Their likes have abused the legal process and its slow and archaic character.  Their being back in power showcases how traditional electoral politics, which take advantage of an immature and vulnerable political culture, the lack of keen sense of history, and the political accommodation and horsetrading of musical-chair elite leadership and their proxies, have been exploited and cultivated as means of political rehabilitation of trapos over time.

The Marcoses have been laughing their way to the banks with no little help from their arsenal of lawyers — then and till now — to use every “trick of the trade” to amass ill-gotten wealth and then frustrate a noble quest to recover them.  It is a source of impeccable inspiration.  Where then will the people turn to if their government defaults on them, or sells them out?  What a shame if not a tragedy – or both.  We have no choice but to call ourselves ‘Les Miserables,’ and to hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men.

Atty. Edre U. Olalia, NUPL secretary-general

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