DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Ariel “Ayik” Casilao, Anakpawis Party-list National Vice-President and Former House Representative urged the people to oppose the Charter Change (ChaCha) saying that ChaCha is anti-Filipino and detrimental to the interests of the Filipino people.

“While we have repeatedly said that ChaCha would worsen landlessness and displacement of peasants and labor flexibility that violates workers’ rights, the Filipino middle class should avoid the grave mistake of thinking that it would benefit them,” Casilao said.

Casilao elaborated that charter change is characterized by opening the national economy to (what), the plunder of national patrimony, and total foreign ownership of businesses and land, and these would totally displace the Filipino middle class.

“Small businesses would be taken over, manufacturing will end up closing down. We would be losing against foreign competition, and worse, prime properties such as in mega-Manila would being taken over. The Filipino middle class will be displaced and moved to the outskirts of the Metro” he said.

While local manufacturing is already ailing due to the influx of imported goods, ChaCha will serve as its “tombstone.”

“At the end, Filipino entrepreneurs would be forced to accept their status as second-class board members in foreign-controlled firms,” he stressed.

Casilao emphasized that the poor sectors and the middle class would be at the losing end of ChaCha. While the winning side would be foreign companies, big corporations, and politicians who would facilitate for these entities.

The Charter Change is likely to be a top priority of the 18th congress.

President Duterte announced last Monday, July 8, his support for Allan Peter Cayetano for House speakership and the consequent push for charter change. (davaotoday.com)

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