US involvement in Weena blast probe slammed

Jun. 19, 2007

Davao City Bayan Muna slammed here today the meddling of US military in the investigation of the serial bombings in Bansalan, Davao del Sur and Cotabato City last Friday.

Bayan Muna earlier condemned the recent bombings which have so far claimed the lives of ten (10) civilians and eighteen (18) others who uffer in serious injuries.

US intervention, by way of sending bomb experts and ancient huey helicopters and other equipment, has only further endangered our country and our people from state terrorism, from enemies not our own but of the US, ‘Bayan Muna Southern Mindanao regional coordinator Jeppie Ramada said.

The Visiting Forces Agreement and the Human Security Act initiated through the efforts of the Arroyo and US governments ironically increased incidents of bomb attacks, kidnap for ransom incidents, and international threats caused by US military presence in the country, Ramada stressed.

Bayan Muna recalled the series of bombing incidents in General Santos City, Kidapawan City, and South Cotabato last March which happened at the height of debates on the enactment of the Anti-terror Bill or better known as the Human Security Act.

Prior to the bombing incidents last Friday, series of bombings also happened in Cotabato City last May 18 and in Matalam, North Cotabato last June 8.

Ramada negated Arroyos claim that the HSA will help in protecting and promoting national security. It is for one redundant given that we have laws sufficient to curb criminalities.

Ramada further said that the HSA being part of the US-led war on terror campaign is designed to counter-insurgency against revolutionary struggles and legitimate people’s dissent.

Bayan Muna reiterated that the bombings were all made to justify the full implementation of the Human Security Act. US intervention in the country is rooted from its economic interests in ASIA and its military exercises are meant to solidify US control in the region.

US excuse of war on terror and campaign against Jemaah Islamiyah have indeed paved the way for bringing in more US war troops and war material in the country , Ramada added.

We fear that bombings will worsen and hundreds more will have to die for as long as the Philippine government will continue adhering to US agenda, Ramada ended.

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