DAVAO CITY – The City Transportation and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) is requesting additional personnel to manage traffic in some districts here.

CTTMO Chief Rodelio Poliquit said that they did not deploy traffic enforcers in the second and third districts because they lack personnel.

“I did not deploy personnel in Toril area, Calinan, Mintal, Tibungco and Panacan. As a traffic manager, you need to comply the 3E’s of traffic which is to educate, engineer and to enforce,” Poliquit said.

He added that he is not effective in those areas saying he only assign his personnel to enforce without complying the first two requirements.  He blamed the lack of personnel for this shortfall.

“I am really not effective in those areas. Toril has to have its own satellite area and personnel which will educate, engineer and will enforce,” he added.

Poliquit clarified that they have no plans in providing firearms to their personnel following the death of one of their members after being shot on Monday by two unidentified gunmen.

He however said that they have plans on how to ensure the safety of their personnel, but providing them firearms is not on the list.

The Human Resource Management Office chief, Erwin Alparaque, said that he supports the request for additional manpower of CTTMO.

“I would support the request of Chief Poliquit and ask our good city Mayor to hire additional personnel to augment the present manpower of the Traffic Management Center,” Alparaque said.

He also added that the ideal number of personnel to be added for the office is 100 to 150.

Currently, the CTTMO deploys 360 traffic enforcers mainly concentrated in the downtown areas. (davaotoday.com)

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