DAVAO CITY – The spokesman of presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte is up against the Liberal Party spokesperson on the controversial comics of LP standard-bearer Manuel Roxas II.

In a statement on Tuesday, March 29, Peter Laviña, spokesperson and chief of Duterte media team, called LP spokesperson and Akbayan Partylist Rep. Barry Gutierrez “a pathological liar” after claiming that the said the comics was courtesy of Roxas supporters.

“The spokesman of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte said the Liberal Party is again caught lying through its teeth amidst the deluge of criticisms generated by the controversial Sa Gitna ng Unos comics. How could this administration tell lies straight faced?” said Laviña.

Gutierrez said the comic book was made to set the record straight on the accusations of Roxas’ actions during the typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. He said it was a dramatic depiction of what Roxas has done to help victims of Yolanda in Tacloban.

“Ang comics ay gawa ng mga supporters na gustong ipaalam sa ating mga kababayan ang ginawa ni Mar sa Yolanda. Ginawa ito dahil sa patuloy na pagkalat ng kasinungalingan tungkol sa kanyang mga nagawa (The comics was made by the supporters who wanted to let the public know what Mar has done during typhoon Yolanda. It was made to clear out the lies that are told against him),” Gutierrez, was quoted as saying in news reports.

Gutierrez defended the comic magazine which featured in the cover Roxas leading Yolanda victims to safety saying it was a depiction of what happened in Tacloban more than 2 years ago.

During his previous speeches, Duterte has called Roxas as a failed leader which he said was seen during the Yolanda crisis.

He said “Roxas cannot handle stress,” adding that Roxas practically did not know what to do in the face of the massive destruction and deaths left by Yolanda.

“This guy says the maligned comic magazine extolling Mar Roxas was made by supporters. Look and read what the illustrator himself said,” said Lavina.

Laviña said “Karl Comendador, a veteran illustrator of Tagalog ‘komiks’, claimed he was just commissioned and paid to do the illustration.”

“Comendador explained that it was not the first time he did a comic magazine for a politician. He also revealed that he is actually supporting Duterte,” said Laviña.

“The pathetic lies of the Liberal party are exposing the bankruptcy of its standard bearer,” said Laviña. (davaotoday.com)

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