DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) will establish a help desk for the implementation of Martial Law.

As one of the civil sectors to compose the Multi-sectoral Advisory Group (MSAG), IBP will help the military implement Martial law “without violating any human rights,” said IBP-Davao President, Atty. Roger Largo.

The creation of MSAG was announced by Lt. Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero, Chief of Eastern Mindanao Command, on May 29, to provide sound advice on how they could effectively perform their roles while implementing Martial law.

“We’ll take a dual role in this matter. The IBP will be establishing a help desk to perform dual functions,” Largo said.

According to Largo, the function of the help desk will be to help enlighten the public about Martial law including the limits of the powers of the military and/or of the President under Martial law and extent of the rights and privileges of the citizens.

“Should there be any queries or questions relative to the implementation of Martial law, our chapter will be very willing to enlighten you on these matters,” Largo said.

The IBP will also serve as a venue for the public to raise complaints about any excesses and abuses that might be committed by members of the government forces in the implementation of Martial rule.

“We would readily act on this as this is also our response to the call of the Eastern Mindanao Command, as they too, do not like their people to commit abuses. In fact I was very happy to hear that,” Largo said. He added that as of the moment, they have not received any report of abuses so far.

Largo vowed that while they are supportive of President Duterte’s declaration of Martial law in Mindanao, they do not wish to tolerate abuses and will always be willing to uphold the rule of law and promote justice.

“If there are instances where there’s a clear violation of the right of the citizen then the IBP as always will be there willing and ready to help address that concern,” Largo added.

Meanwhile, Guerrero appealed to the public to help them make sure that the implementation of Martial law is in accordance with the rule of law by providing information or report about how the military forces are implementing their conduct of operations such as in checkpoints. (davaotoday.com)

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