Marilog District proposed to be tax mapped anew

Jul. 09, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — In the advent of the mushrooming tourism establishments in the Marilog District, City Councilor Conrado Baluran has proposed legislation requesting the City Assessor’s Office to conduct a new tax mapping entry.

In his privilege speech on Tuesday’s regular session, Baluran said the matter is based on the proliferation of commercial and private in-land resorts and eatery-related businesses operating within the area.

“Marilog District, with its potential viability for eco-tourism, has now emerged to be the primary tourist-hub destination for both local and foreign tourist,” Baluran said.

According to Baluran, “the thorough improvements in the said place, calls for a request to the City Assessor’s Office to conduct a new tax mapping system for the purpose of re-evaluation and assessment of all existing commercial and residential establishment in the area as basis for the imposition of new tax rate.”

Baluran said this will ensure that all real property and business owners are paying their taxes to the City religiously while assuring the legitimacy of its operation.

Baluran added that the request to the said office is pursuant to Section 219 of the Local Government Code of 1991, where the City Assessor’s Office, in coordination with the City Treasurer’s Office, are mandated to be in-charge of the discovery, classification, appraisal, and assessment of all business and real property assessment, including their improvements based on the current market values which are subject to the evaluation of the City Council every 3 years. (

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