Body of Badrudin Langalan found hogtied. Photo by: Kilab Multimedia

Body of Badrudin Langalan found hogtied. Photo by: Kilab Multimedia

DAVAO CITY – A Moro militant group said the PNP Special Action Force raiding team in Sunday’s bloody government operations in Mamapasano, Maguindanao took a farmer who was later found dead on a bridge with his hands tied behind his back.

The farmer, Badrudin Langalan, was crossing a makeshift bridge when the SAF “chanced upon Badrudin during the encounter,” Suara Bangsamoro group said.

“His body was riddled with bullets, his eyes were plucked out,” was how the victim’s wife Sara Lawani Langalan described Badrudin’s body to Jerome Aba of the Moro group Suara Bangsamoro who conducted a fact-finding mission to the area.

Aba said their data gathering revealed that some PNP SAF personnel “were more or less familiar with the area and the armed groups there, because they visited the area five times.”

The Moro group is also investigating an earlier report of the local government that at least five unidentified people died in a masjid (mosque) in Sitio Inubog of the same barangay, reportedly when a member of the SAF fired upon them while they were sleeping.

Aba alleged that SAF fired the house of Tots and Samrah Panangulon “as they suspected terrorists were hiding there.” Panangulon’s child Sarah was killed while Tots and Samrah were reportedly injured.

“There were also three civilians wounded,” said Aba.

Aba said the victims add up to the “the long list of Moro human rights victims who up until now have not been given justice.”

Suara Bangsamoro said that more than 1,500 individuals now evacuated in the area and are “frightened to return to their homes.” (


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