NUJP scores Andanar for blaming media over Duterte’s Martial law remark

Jan. 17, 2017

Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar ( file photo)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines scored on Monday Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar’s claim that the media “misreported” President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement on Martial Law in his administration’s war on drugs.

NUJP Chair Ryan Rosauro said that it commiserated with Andanar for having “to spin your principal’s words every time he utters something inappropriate.”

“However, we are saddened that you have chosen to eschew the hard work of – as your fellow communicator Sec. Ernesto Abella put it – creative imagination for the easier but utterly dishonest tack of blaming the media for accurately reporting your principal’s remarks that he may declare martial law even outside the clear justifications and limits set by the Constitution,” Rosauro said.

Andanar issued a statement on Sunday to clarify the remarks made by Duterte. “The President has categorically said no to martial law. He even made a pronouncement saying that martial law did not improve the lives of the Filipinos.”

“We therefore decry the latest misreporting that the President will declare martial law simply ‘if he wants to’ or that ‘no one can stop the President from declaring martial law,'” he added.

But NUJP said that it was in awe of Andanar’s “loyalty and dedication” to Duterte. “We do wish you well and hold on to the hope that you will find your way back to the truth that doubtless was the cornerstone of your previous job.”

“You cannot falsely accuse the profession of misreporting by peddling brazenly outrageous lies. That is so beneath you,” the NUJP added.

Duterte spoke before the members of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce last Saturday where he said that if he declared Martial Law, it is for the protection of the Filipino people.

“I have to protect the Filipino people. It is my duty. And I tell you now, if I have to declare martial law, I will declare it not because of invasion, insurrection, I will declare martial law to preserve my nation, period,” he said.

Duterte also pointed out that he would even attempt to transcend the constitutional limits on declaring Martial Law.

“I don’t care about the Supreme Court. No one can stop me,” Duterte said. “The right to preserve one’s life and my nation … transcends everything else, even the limitations. (

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