Presence of US troops aggravate prostitution – Talikala

Oct. 06, 2016

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – An anti-women and child trafficking group said the presence of U.S troops is attributed to the influx of trafficking and prostitution in the country.

“We’ve already determined that with these military exercises come the rise of prostitution and trafficking cases,” Jeanette Ampog, executive director of Talikala, Inc. said, reiterating their support for the pull-out of U.S bases in the country.

Some of the known cases that involved U.S military troops are the Subic rape case in 2005 which involved Corporal Lance Daniel Smith and Filipina, Nicole. The recent was the case of Jennifer Laude, a transgender woman who was killed by U.S Marine Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton in 2015.

“Ever since the 1990s, we have supported the call for the pullout of US troops, especially those who come by way of the VFA, EDCA, and those mutual defense treaties,” Ampog said.

Talikala’s statement came as President Rodrigo Duterte announced late September that he will end the military exercises between the United States of America and the Philippines provided under the defense treaty.  (

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