‘We will help you in your work towards peace,’ Dureza tells youth

May. 17, 2017

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus G. Dureza said the government is engaging with the youth organizations for them to be included in the “bigger peace table.”


Dureza said the government is ever ready to provide support to youth organizations for whatever peace initiatives they may have in their respective areas.


“If you continue doing work towards peace in your respective areas, know that as much as we, the government agencies, we will provide necessary support,” Dureza told the participants of the first Mindanao-wide Youth Peace Table on Tuesday.


He also urged the 36 youth participants to take the lead while the government is presently negotiating with the different revolutionary groups in the formal peace tables.


“You know better than I do. All of what we are doing right now is not only for the present generation but more importantly for your generation,” he said.


Dureza challenged the youth to use their experiences in resolving conflicts. He said that they could also think of “community-driven” projects which could be done by the community members.


“Look at your own localities, and find out what are the matters that trigger conflict and address it there. We need to do our own part to contribute to that so-called concept of peace. We look at our work for peace as something not only to address conflict it is actually to build relationships,” he said.


Maimona Samsodin, 27, a member of Organization of United Voices for Peace, told DavaoToday that Duterte  administration is doing its best to make peace inclusive to all Filipinos.


“We are attending the Youth Peace Table in the belief that peace can be achieved someday. We hope to attain peace and be able to know how conflicts will be resolved. This is also an opportunity for us youth to be aware on what is happening in our country,” she said.


Samsodin also urged the Congress to pass a Bangsamoro Basic Law as this has been long aspired by the Moro communities in Mindanao.


The Mindanao Youth Peace Table is a five-day training workshop which will run from  May 15 to 19 held at the Davao Medical School Foundation.


The OPAAP-led activity aims to invite the different youth organizations to the government’s “peace tables” for them to learn on how to resolve conflicts through peaceful dialogue. (davaotoday.com)

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