White December: Is AFP becoming a fiction writer? Gabriela wants to know

Oct. 17, 2018

DAVAO CITY , Philippines — Gabriela Women’s Partylist Representatives hit out the Armed Forces of the Philippines for disclosing yet another ouster plot against President Rodrigo Duterte whom the AFP now called as “White December.”

“After the so-called “Red October” hysteria didn’t fly, the AFP is now desperately repackaging their baseless storyline as “White Christmas.” Since when did the military become fiction writers?,” Gabriela Representatives Arlene Brosas and Emmi de Jesus said in a statement.

The AFP said the Left’s Red October plot has fizzled out after it was made known to the public. But the AFP insisted that such ouster plot was a “rolling plan” that would culminate come December in time for the Communist Party of the Philippines’ 50th anniversary.

Reacting to AFP’s claim, Gabriela said the AFP’s “White December” was the government’s diversionary tactic from the real issues of inflation, and skyrocketing prices of commodities.

“Moving a fictional Red October plot to December after it has been bared to be a work of feeble minds is a desperate move to divert people’s attention from the Duterte government’s ineptitude in controlling inflation and prices of basic commodities and the plummeting value of the peso,” the militant solons added.

The militant lawmakers said Duterte and his economic advisers were so “stubborn in deflecting blame on the TRAIN Law for the nonstop price hikes yet they can’t solve it, they would rather blame this to fictional ouster movement.”

“Conveniently, the AFP continues this ouster-plot concoction to set the stage for a deluge of worse human rights violations against legal mass organizations and personalities. Attacks against progressives and dissenters are now trivialized and shrugged off as part of the campaign against said ouster plot. It is also being used as black propaganda against progressives this coming 2019 elections,” it said.

According to Gabriela, the AFP’s “White December is nothing but another failed attempt of the administration and the AFP to a book store’s best seller section. This is nothing but a waste of billion peso worth of intelligence funds that could have been use to efforts to ease impact of runaway inflation.”(davaotoday.com)

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