Youth ready to revolt vs. massive election fraud

May. 04, 2016

(Updated as of May 5, 2015, 1:51 pm)

TAGUM CITY — A national youth organization called on opposition parties and candidates and the Filipino people to unite and stop the alleged plan of the Liberal Party to “hijack” the elections through “massive electronic fraud.”

“We should be ready to revolt,” said Vencer Crisostomo, national chairperson of Anakbayan.

He said “(T)he Aquino administration, knowing fully well that he will be made accountable for his various crimes against the people once he steps out of office, is growing desperate. His party and his kulelat candidate Mar Roxas cannot possibly win the elections, except by rigging it through pre-determined electronically fabricated vote results,”.

Crisostomo claims the administration has all the resources and control to deliver votes in favor of LP’s presidential standard bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas II. “They have the machinery, the money and control over Comelec and SmartMatic which will deliver ‘auto-daya’ votes for Roxas.”

“The Comelec’s deliberate failure to have the source code of the machines verified, the digital signatures embedded, and the provide verifiable and valid vote receipts all point to a grand plan for electronic fraud,” he said.

The militant youth group has also slammed the D’ Strafford survey which made to appear Roxas topped the survey as purely “fabricated and made-up.” For Anakbayan, the D’ Strafford survey is a desperate effort to “mind-condition” the public for a Roxas victory.

It can be recalled the D’ Strafford recently released a survey showing LP bets Roxas and Robredo on top of the presidential and vice presidential race.

According to the group, many have questioned the outfit, with virtually unknown officials and newly-registered websites and social media accounts. It noted that the survey outfit was registered at the Security and Exchange Commission only last April 11.

“Roxas is out to rig the elections. They already used government funds and machinery for the elections. They will fabricate surveys to depict a last minute rise of Roxas,” Crisostomo said.

“As many local candidates are unopposed, these are most vulnerable for cheating. We can expect lots of vote buying, pre-shaded ballots, errors in projected bases of opposition candidates, and electronic fraud in the transmission and counting of votes.”

Crisostomo pointed out that the people should be vigilant and assemblies should be held in various places during and after elections in protest of election fraud. (

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