Delinquent car dealers scored

Mar. 19, 2015

The Department of Transportation and Communication and the Land Transportation Office will release list of delinquent car dealers who deliberately misinform their customers as to the status of their license plate applications.

“We will release lists of delinquent dealers in the coming weeks to show which ones aren’t fulfilling their promises to their customers,” Secretary of Transportation Jun Abaya said.

Abaya said the problem is that the delinquent dealers tell their customers that the LTO does not have new plates, when in fact, the car dealers are the ones not fulfilling their services.

“They let months pass despite knowing fully well that the plates are ready—and they even mislead their customers about it,” Abaya explained.

LTO chief Assistant Secretary Alfonso Tan Jr  on the one hand said that license plates for first-time motor vehicle registrants are available-on-demand.  “Yet many of these plates remain unclaimed from LTO offices,” Tan said.

“For owners of new motor vehicles whose dealers tell them that the LTO is not ready with new plates: come to our offices so you can claim them yourselves. Your license plates are ready at your place of registration,” Tan said.

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