Group lights up candles to end all-out offensive in Mindanao

Mar. 03, 2015

Youth group Anakbayan held a candle lighting protest in UP Diliman today to condemn the ongoing all-out offensive of the armed forces against the Moro insurgents in Mindanao.

The group said the offensive will victimize civilians and is “a cover-up intended to distract the public from Aquino’s criminal accountability in the Mamasapano incident.”

According to Anakbayan national chairperson, Vencer Crisostomo, around 5,725 families or 28,685 people have been displaced by the current military offensive against the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in Maguindanao since the government launched the military offensive last week.

“[Pres. Aquino] is willing to sacrifice the lives of civilians, soldiers and rebels just so he can cover-up his and the US’ crime in Mamasapano. Communities are being bombed, civilians are being targeted in this war. the How many more blood will be shed for this cacique’s kapritso?” said Crisostomo in a statement.

Crisostomo said Aquino may again be taking the cue from the US in its “anti-terror” war. This time, the government has said they are looking for terrorist Basit Usman.

Usman is one of the targets of the Oplan Exodus launched in Mamasapano last January 25.

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