Lawyers back Colmenares’ senate bid

May. 06, 2016

TAGUM CITY — The National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) on Thursday said it will support Neri Colmenares’ bid for a Senate seat because of his impressive track-record both as a people’s lawyer and brilliant lawmaker.

“Atty. Neri Colmenares’ bid for a Senate seat inspired many to rise from their state of hopelessness and make the seemingly insurmountable possible. It is a rare opportunity to elect someone whom you can bet your life with will never let the people down; not before, not ever,” lawyer Edre U. Olalia, NUPL secretary-general, said in a statement on Thursday, May 5.

The NUPL, according to Olalia, “will continue to work harder to secure a seat for Colmenares in the Senate.”

Colmenares, a Bayan Muna Representative known for the monicker “Fighter Ng Bayan” is the president of the human rights lawyer’s group.

“Neri is not hard to sell, as he’s got unquestionable reputation untarnished with any anomalies, and an impressive track-record as a people’s lawyer and brilliant lawmaker. He is a highly strategic fighter who knows exactly where to strike without losing his soft-mannered disposition,” Olalia stressed.

Inspired by the leadership of Colmenares, Olalia said that members of NUPL will “never be tired of passionately and relentlessly representing our clients blatantly abused by the oppressive system.”

“If Neri does not back down from fighting for what he believes in, so must we. And as a leader who walks the talk, the Filipino people can be rest assured that he has got our backs covered.”

For NUPL, the Senate needs a legislator like Colmenares who is “a sincere and genuine representative of the oppressed and the marginalized, the common tao to the lofty halls of the Senate.”

“Well-loved and admired by his colleagues in the lower house, he was able to pass numerous pro-people bills despite not having the money and number, the formula shamelessly exploited by our supposed representatives,” the group said.

NUPL lawyers and law students will mount a one-day motorcade-caravan at Quezon City and Manila on May 6 to show support and campaign for Colmenares’ bid in the Senate, the group said.

On May 7,   NUPL in cooperation with human rights group Karapatan will stage a human rights defenders’ text action day to reach out all who defend human rights. (

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