NPA surrenderree-turned Army soldier ambushed in Butuan

Jun. 19, 2015

DAVAO CITY – The New People’s Army ambushed on separate occasion a former rebel who surrendered and became a regular Army soldier, and an alleged landgrabber last weekend in Butuan City.

The NPA-Western Agusan Norte-Agusan Sur Sub-regional (NPA-WANAS) Command said Alan “Alay” Dalayan “was a notorious surrenderee-turned-regular AFP soldier and Military Intelligence Company (MICO) operative.”

Omar Ibarra, spokesperson of the NPA, said among Dalayan’s offenses were: stealing a 30 cal. Machine gun and a stoke mortar from the NPA and collaborating with a politician to sell it to the AFP; guiding Army troops on the day he surrendered, harassment and forcing civilians to surrender, and coordinating with other surrenderees to establish a counter-revolutionary group BULIF in indigenous people’s communities.

On Sunday, another  NPA team ambushed “the anti-peasant, Pedyboy “Bobong” Agwanta” in Barangay San Mateo, also in Butuan City.

Ibarra said “Agwanta once killed a peasant and was a notorious landgrabber who has dispossessed numerous families who were evicted from the plots they tilled.”

“His acts were long detested by the peasants who have nothing else to turn to but the revolutionary movement. He was also an active asset of the PNP-South Station in San Mateo, Butuan City and an illegal drug dealer, as well,” he said

Ibarra said they “will continue to purge the oppressive and domineering elements in the barrios of Butuan City.”

“May this serve as a warning to those who have committed crimes and offenses against the people and the revolution. They still have time to change,” said Ibarra.

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