Philippine Eagle Foundation launches new website

May. 13, 2015

DAVAO CITY – The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) launches its new website where visitors will learn more in-depth information on the Philippine eagle’s biology, habitat, and PEF’s mission in saving its species.

“Before the website was just an archive of our articles. So now we are pleased to announce that we have an online donation system,” said Vida Lyn Dumadag, PEF Communication officer.

The online donation system allows the website visitors to give their contribution to PEF’s conservation efforts. Donations start at P100 and can be made through credit cards.

The new website also features online reservation where guests can book their visit to the Philippine Eagle Center.

A gallery of PEF’s photos and videos can be found on the website. It also features an archive of downloadable articles which can be used by teachers and students as materials in their classes.

“You will see an archive of our photos both on the captive eagles in the Philippine Eagle Center and also in the wild,” Dumadag said.

“We also have an education resource archive that students and teachers would be able to access. And some of these (articles) are the products of our research team,” she added.

The website also features Adopt-an-Eagle where donors can choose the captive Philippine Eagle they would like to support.

“Actually for the Adopt-an-Eagle, interested supporters should touch-base with us first. We’d like to know, to get information about the adoptor, because usually companies or corporations are the ones who adopt,” said Andi Baldonado, PEF Fundraising officer.

She added that the Adopt-an-Eagle costs P125,000 per eagle which includes the one-year maintenance of the eagle.

Baldonado asks those who would like to support the foundation to purchase the Philippine Eagle stuffed toy which cost P565. Proceeds from the purchase will directly go to the PEF’s conservation programs.(

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