DAVAO CITY  – A group of communication arts majors from the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) will be launching the Project TEETH (Towards Effective and Efficient Tooth Brushing Habits) campaign on May 23 at the old Barangay Hall in Mintal, Davao City.

The event includes a dental mission and a storytelling session for around 100 residents, both parents and children.

Darwin Philip Teh, president of the group, said their campaign aims to promote oral health care, particularly effective and efficient brushing habits to the children of Mintal.

“This activity aims to instill in children, as well as their parents, the value of brushing teeth. We also want to show that brushing can be fun,” he added.

A study that focuses on the oral health care habits of children in Mintal conducted by the group reveals that most children do not brush their teeth properly. Some do not even brush their teeth regularly at all.

The study also shows that parents perceive that they can teach their children the proper way of brushing, as well as other oral health care habits.

“We think that brushing can also be a nice way for both parents and children to bond,” Teh said.

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