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FIRST BATCH. The first batch of honest taxi drivers in Davao City were recognized last February 1, 2015 at the Davao City Police Office grounds. (Ace R. Morandante/davaotoday.com)

DAVAO CITY – Another batch of taxi drivers were recognized by the local police on Monday, March 14 for their honesty.

The second batch of honest cabbies were given recognition during the flag ceremony held at the Davao City Police Office. The event was graced by Atty. Gomer J. Dy, regional director of the Land Transportation Office 11.

Last February 1, some 19 taxi drivers were recognized by the DCPO.

This year the honest cabbies are:

1)      Arnold O. Sabijo, Krizia Star Taxi

2)      Arnel C. Bersabal, Apple Taxi

3)      Tiburcio C. Morante, Jr., Kahayahay Taxi

4)      Eddie A. Sacyap, Mooncrest Taxi

5)      Eddie F. Baay, Redlane Taxi

6)      Jessie C. Cabrera, Maro Taxi

7)      Ian R. Capiña, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

8)      Alexander T. Diantan, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

9)      Julie L. Lacson, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

10)   Ponciano B. Arendain, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

11)   Nanfred M. Lumagsao, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

12)   Antonio M. Leones, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

13)   Jaime C. Gokotano, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

14)   Ulpiano G. Madronero, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

15)   Vicarcel M. Cagasan, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

16)   Edgar R. Vallejo, Solid Eighty-Eight Taxi

17)   Edgardo T. Morante, Maligaya Taxi

18)   Roquecio T. Manos, Maligaya Taxi

19)   Lauriano E. Relativo, Jr., Maligaya Taxi

20)   Marcelo C. Coritana, Maligaya Taxi

21)   Bobs Anlirr R. Rarogal, Maligaya Taxi

22)   Zaldy F. Atan, Maligaya Taxi

23)   Julito B. Pandamon, Maligaya Taxi

24)   Joelito F. Tucjayao, Maligaya Taxi

25)   Tirso G. Espino, Maligaya Taxi

26)   Bobby S. Vicente, Maligaya Taxi

The drivers received cash prizes and certificates of recognition.

DCPO spokesperson Chief Inspector Milgrace Driz said the recognition for the honest drivers is part of the program of the DCPO to encourage taxi drivers to emulate their colleagues and to encourage the passengers, as well, to ride the cabs in Davao.

She said the drivers have returned valuable items such as documents, wallets, and phones.

“Taxi drivers are supposed to be among the front liners in public service because they interact with passengers everywhere,” Driz told Davao Today.

Driz said the list of drivers included in this month’s recognitions were based from the list of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, media reports and those who were posted in social media accounts by their passengers.(davaotoday.com)

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