Melo Commission Report: Findings

Feb. 23, 2007


It appears that the killing of media personnel has been characterized by the lack of a central or homogenous theory for the motives therefor. Most of the killings have been plausibly attributed to either personal vengeance, local politics, or commercial concerns. While the media killings are by no means less abhorrent than the activist killings, the fact is that no central theory accusing agents of the government of the systematic assassination of media personnel has been forwarded, not to mention substantiated.

Likewise, the progress or performance of the PNP insofar as the media killings are concerned is much better than that pertaining to activist killings. Task Force Usig has forwarded for prosecution 21 out of the 26 cases of slain media men.

Nonetheless, the increase in the number of slain media men should not go unheeded. The fact is that certain persons or groups have been so bold as to assault and kill media personnel for their own selfish interests. This cannot be condoned. The PNP as well as the prosecution arm of the government should make sure that the perpetrators of these crimes are brought swiftly to justice.

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