Melo Commission Report: Findings

Feb. 23, 2007

2. Capacity and Opportunity

The suspected group in the military has no doubt the capacity or the means to carry out the killings. In fact, the killings appear to be well organized and the killers adequately equipped. More telling, however, is the fact that, with the CPP-NPA out of the question, only a group with certain military capabilities can succeed in carrying out an orchestrated plan of eliminating its admitted enemies.

Too, this group admittedly has all the opportunity to carry out the said killings. Its members roam the countryside free from restrictions, pursuant to their all-out war on communism. Their presence in the areas where the killings occurred is undeniable. If there were killing squads or assassins from the NPA roaming in any particular area ready to strike against its former cadres, the military, no doubt, would be one of the first to know.

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