Melo Commission Report: Presentation of Witnesses/Resource Persons

Feb. 23, 2007

5. Gen. Palparans view on the repeal of the Anti-Subversion Act

Gen. Palparan reiterated his view that the repeal of the Republic Act No. 1700 (the Anti Subversion Act) was a mistake and called for the reintroduction of legislation that would criminalize membership in the CPP and sympathetic organizations. The following statements of Gen. Palparan were reported in connection therewith:

I want communism totally erased.(May 21, 2006, Philippine Star)

to wage the ongoing counterinsurgency by “neutralizing” not just armed rebels but also a web of alleged front organizations that include leftist political parties, human-rights and women’s organizations, even lawyers and members of the clergy. (Wagging the Buffalo- September 25, 2006, Newsweek)

When asked about his statements, Gen. Palparan confirmed having uttered them but qualified the term neutralization by stating that it does not only pertain to physical elimination and armed confrontation but also by promoting dialogues and courting people to support the AFP.

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