Melo Commission Report: Presentation of Witnesses/Resource Persons

Feb. 23, 2007

4. Gen. Palparans Statements implicating specific Party List Organizations

Gen. Palparan was reported to have made the following statements before the media implicating specific Party List Organizations such as Bayan, Karapatan, Gabriela, and Anak Bayan as fronts for the NPA, to wit:

Even though they are in Government as Party List Representatives, no matter what appearance they take, they are still Enemies of the State. (May 16, 2006, Philippine Daily Inquirer)

The Party List Members of Congress are doing things to further the revolution, the communist movement I wish they were not there (Interview with Pia Hontiveros and Tony Velasquez — Top Story)

It is my belief that these members of party list in Congress are providing the day-to-day policies of the rebel movement (February 3, 2006, French Press Agency)

When asked to confirm during the Commission hearing whether or not he made these statements before the media, Gen. Palparan only confirmed the statement given in Top Story. With respect to the others, he simply evaded the issue by saying that he was not sure or that he could not recall making the statements. When asked to name which organizations he was referring to as enemies of the state, Gen. Palparan responded I just want to be general, I just dont want to specify

During the latter part of his testimony, however, when he was being questioned by Chief State Prosecutor Zuo, Gen. Palparan specifically named Bayan Muna as a recruitment agency of the CPP NPA in Mindoro, to wit:

in the course of our operation, there were some reports that that BAYAN MUNA headquarters at the time in Mindoro was used as a hideout of the armed group. And as I said, a recruitment agency because they recruit young people there as members of some organizations then eventually go up in the mountain. And then, there were those who surrendered to us confirming this

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