Kabataan warns public over GMA’s Oplan Rafael or failure of election scenario

May. 09, 2010

DAVAO CITY—Youth and students led by Kabataan partylist led a protest action to raise the alarm and warn the public over the looming threat of failure of elections that is purportedly being planned by the Arroyo government for her to stay in power.

The youth group warns the Arroyo administration that the Filipino people are ready to launch massive protests and strong resistance if its Oplan (operation plan) Rafael or ‘Retain Arroyo through failure of elections’ will push through.

Ronnie Clarion, Kabataan partylist regional spokesperson, stressed that the youth will never allow any extension of the current administration. “We are enraged at the present regime because of her record of corruption, theft, deceit, human rights violations, and puppetry to foreign capitalists. Poverty and hunger has worsened, and more of the youth cannot go to school under the Arroyo government. We will not allow her to extend her hold on power through her plan to have a failure of elections,” Clarion said.

The youth group explained that the appointment of the Arroyo generals, the Supreme Court Justice midnight appointment and the election glitches are within the context of Oplan Rafael.” Recently, reports of malfunctioning precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines, defective compact flash cards (CFCs) and glitches in transmission were reported to have occurred nationwide.

“It is clear and undeniable that all that is happening is planned according to the orders of Gloria Arroyo. It is only right that we bar Oplan Rafael and advance credible elections,” said Clarion.

Kabataan partylist and militant youth organizations such as League of Filipino Students and Anakbayan warn Malacañang that the youth are ready for big mobilization in order to expose and oppose the failure of elections scenario.

“We will not think twice to lead larger protests and exhaust all means in order to expose and oppose who are responsible behind this devious plot. We call upon the public to be more vigilant and actively participate in demanding for a credible election,” Clarion added.

Kabataan Partylist is urging the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to restore the PCOS function that will enable the voter to see whether the vote is accepted or not. It is also calling for the immediate testing of the CF cards nationwide to assure that all of these are functioning well and also prepare for the best alternative for the elections to push through like being prepared for manual if the automated system doesn’t work.

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Karlos Manlupig

Coordinator, Kabataan Partylist

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