DAVAO CITY – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte urged the public to report to police authorities government employees including police and military who are involved in illegal drugs.

This was Duterte’s statement following the reported involvement of four cops belonging to Sta. Ana police station in drug cases.

Duterte said he will give P20,000 reward for the informant.

“If you report any person from government in my office, I will give P20,000. Just text [Davao City Police Office Director Vicente Danao, Jr.],” Duterte said Sunday.

The Davao City Police Office has conducted a random drug test to members of the Sta. Ana Police Station after Danao said he received information through his hotline about four policemen allegedly using drugs.

Danao said out of the 116 personnel who took the test on Thursday, none of them tested positive.

Duterte said if a police officer is caught using drugs “he should be discharged”. But if an officer is involved in drugs by giving protection to drug users, Duterte warns that he should also be discharged and should get out of the city.

“Sama sa warning nako sa uban, madisgrasya gyud mo (Like my warnings for everybody else, you will also be in danger),” Duterte said renewing his calls for drug users to “get out of the city”.

“Kanang naa sa gubyerno nga maoy magpasiugda, delikado mo. Sibat na lang (Those who are from government who will initiate [drug use/trade], you’re in danger. Better get out),” Duterte said.

Duterte said he had agreed with police and army officials to file criminal charges to the officers involved in illegal drugs trade.

Duterte said if the individual is afraid to come out and report government officials involved in drugs, they may report to priests or barangay captains.

Duterte also assured the safety of the witnesses.

“Ug kinsa iyang gitudlo.. Ingnan taka kung naay mahitabo aning naghatag sa info, ug imong tiwasan ni, tiwasan ta pod ka. Tabla (And to those who will be reported, I tell you if something happens to the one who provided the information, if you finish him, I will finish you too, then we’re even),” Duterte said.

Duterte said there is no mercy for the police and army officers who will be involved in illegal drugs.

“I don’t want a police in my city, who plays with drugs,” Duterte said saying he knows that police officers involved in drugs are also involved with the syndicates “to sustain their vice”.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)’s 2014 Annual Report recently showed that 190 public officials, composed of 56 elected officials, 49 law enforcers and 85 government employees were arrested for drug-related offenses.

The figure, according to PDEA director general Arturo Cacdac, Jr. is 37.68 percent higher than in 2013 when 138 government officials were arrested.

The 2014 figures are the highest recorded by the drug agency since 2011, Cacdac said.

The highest ranking official arrested among law enforcers has the rank of police chief inspector. (davaotoday.com)

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